Saturday, January 9, 2010

Can't believe it!

Tomorrow is our one year anniversary. Husband and Wife for one whole year. I cannot believe it. In some ways it seems like we have been married for a long time. . . way more than one year. But in other ways. . . .it seems like our wedding was just last weekend and we are still honeymooning our way through happiness.

In the past year we have. . . .gotten married,

moved into our first apartment,

both waited tables,

laughed a whole lot,

gone to lots of pretty weddings,

floated down a river,

adopted 2 cats,

sang out loud and a lot,

driven through 8 or 9 states to the far away land of New Joyzee,

moved into our second apartment,

started at a new Big Boy School,

started a new job at some coffee shop,

rode on a train together,

gone to New York City way more than every before,

missed the old friends (a lot),

seen a ton of movies, and have shared so many moments of sadness and happiness (more of the latter) it's impossible to list them all.

I am still perfectly in love and can not imagine life without my Zach. He is beyond perfect for me. We all know there are only so many people who can love someone with a stubborn unfiltered personality like mine---Zach is perfect at it.

Love you and miss you all.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pretty Faces

Finally, the time has come! I feel like sitting down and posting a blog. I have been putting it off because there is SO MUCH to talk about and that is overwhelming. So. . .I will just start at the beginning. Which is. . . the first --worth talking about-- snow of 2009. Man, it was beautiful. I loved every bit of it. It started the night of December 19th and didn't let up until the next afternoon. After some 20 inches had fallen people finally got the nerve to step outside their warm homes and shovel their driveways and sidewalks. It was a true winter wonderland. Right before my family got here it rained. Note for people who don't live in snow. . . rain washes away snow if it's warmer than 32 degrees outside. Bye bye snow piles.

Also---this happened. I took pictures because I knew that if I did then Zach would shave.

So Christmas '09 here we go! Me, Zach, and the McNeals went to the Christmas Eve service at our church. It was really beautiful. We all held lit candles, sang Christmas carols and hymns, the kids even had little jingle bells. I loved it.

After working at Starbucks 9 days straight. . .including Christmas morning, I headed home to make Christmas dinner for Zach and the McNeals. I was really excited about it though because it was our first Christmas being married! For dinner I made green bean casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, dinner roles, and a honey baked ham! Rae and Kevin brought over homemade cherry pie (thanks Rae). We had a wonderful dinner!

After Christmas life was perfect for a good week and a half. And by perfect I mean that I didn't work, my family was here, and Zach and I got to spend so much time together. The morning of the 26th we all opened presents at the apartment and then went exploring around Princeton.

While everyone was here we also went to New York City!!!! Sooo fun. My amazing Grandmother Carlie walked around with us all day. She is 79 years old.

After trekking around the city we all ate at the A&B in Princeton. So delicious. For the rest of their time here we walked around in Lambertville, PA and New Hope, PA. Both very cozy cute towns. They are along the Delaware River which is also very gorgeous.

We also did this:

We kicked off the new year by playing games and drinking sangria and cider. I love my family and we had a wonderful time spending the holidays together.

Love and miss you all. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!