Friday, March 14, 2014

The Iphone killed my blog.

Seriously. I thought that having an Iphone would make me blog more, but I was so wrong. Now, when I take a picture I just post it directly to the internet and so many people respond that I imagine everyone in the blog-world would be bored out of their minds with the pictures if I were to post them to a blog! Sheeshmageesh! But I will type anyways because this is better than studying for Biomechanics. Right now I am in my second term at USA. We actually only have a month left and then (ya know if I pass finals) I will be a third term student! Crazy! May not seem like that far to most of you because, 1,2,3. . .such small numbers. But after third term, comes fourth term. . .which is my last term of classes! Then it's 8 months of fieldwork and then I'm done. That's basically no time at all. This term my favorite class (not at all my favorite practical) is Cadaver Lab. 

All ready for the cadavers!

So fun! It's insane to hold a humans heart/ foot/ lungs/ any organ in your hands and think. . .this was once in someones body who had a whole life. Who had a favorite movie, who was in love, who maybe had a cat. . . so crazy. And there are some cadavers that have had some type of surgery like a heart with a pacemaker put in, or a knee replacement and then there's the knee. . .all made out of metal. Just sitting there. So shiny. The heart is in a big ziplock bag with all these weird wires coming out of it. Those little appliances made this person live that much longer. . .then now they're here. Lying on a table helping future therapists learn about the human body. So cool. The smell though. That's the worst. 

Zach and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on January 10th. We went to Savannah and had an amazing time. I do actually have a couple pictures that I haven't yet shared. . .

This ones not new, but so cool!

Really awesome bookstore.

Fancy dinner. On account of how much we love eachother.

So much fun. Little sister, Lucy got married a week ago. The wedding was beautiful and so was Lucy. Pictures are all over Facebook so I won't bore you with those. OK (for Nicole). Lucy did an amazing job gathering items for the wedding the throughout the months before. Which is great, because all those little pillows and centerpieces are theirs to keep! Or to share with me :)

Photos and floral design courtesy Andrea Layne Floral Design

We all had an amazing time! Once again grandmother came through with the Sweet Dill pickles. So good.

Rehearsal Dinner

Bride and Groom. So so cute.
So there's that. The past few months have flown by. Hopefully my next post will be about continuing on as a third termer and celebrating KAG DUBS!

Miss you love you.