Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Gee Golly . . .

It happened. I turned 25. That's right, 2-5. I moved on to the 25-30 box, and I like it. I don't feel older, but then again I don't think anyone ever does. This year my birthday was amazing. Probably the best I ever had. Saturday Me, Zach, and the McNeals ventured into NYC for shopping, dinner, and a comedy show at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Chelsea. Right before the show we filled up on delicious Urban Style BBQ from Rub BBQ. So good and so unexpected. ---I had BBQ duck---The show was absolutely hilarious. One of the writers from 30Rock performed, she was fantastic, but so was everyone else. Eventually we headed back home. Such a wonderful day!

Sunday I slept in and felt like I did pretty much nothing. However, I did the laundry and cleaned the house. . . . but it was still so relaxing. Zach---the bestest-friend-husband-comic relief I have ever had---made me the most delicious dinner. Actually it was not just for me, the McNeals and our good friends Ruth and Eric also joined us! For dessert we had cookie cake. My favorite. Monday--the actual B-Day--was spent working. Which actually wasn't that bad. My boss made me a cake! After work Zach ordered pizza and then we opened gifts. So fun. So blessed. So So So blessed.

Love you and miss you all.