Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturdays rock my world.

Today was a wonderful day. I wanted to blog about it and I know tomorrow I'm doing nothing but going to church and studying, so if it's going to happen it has to be right now. At 12:40 am. Awesome. This morning Zach and I woke up and decided to walk downtown to get breakfast. It was a wonderful day to take a walk. By wonderful I mean that it wasn't raining, it was still pretty hot. Don't worry, I took my camera along. 

Look at these pretties growing in front of our house!

West King has so much character. And it's growing!

Zach and I had dinner on this street the other night. Lovely.

Oh hey there, Bridge of Lions. How you doin?

So happy. About to eat some Schmagels.
 After our walk I printed out coupons and then headed off to Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I had been wanting to make a Fall wreath for a while and today was the day! I gathered my supplies and then headed home. The other day I had found an idea that I thought I could do (successfully) without spending too much money. Clearly mine is a bit different, but I did use their burlap idea! All in all the wreath cost me under $15. It would have been a lot less but I was out of glue sticks, which was the most expensive item on my list! Tah-dah! I actually am quite proud of it, but after looking at this picture I might move the bow up a bit. 

I still really like it. Dani-Pants came over and joined me while I was still working on it. She worked on something for her job while I continued to get gold glitter everywhere. I also worked on a gift for my lovely friend, Nicole. I clearly can't post a picture of it until she gets it in the mail. Dani and I also watched He's Just Not That Into You while we crafted, such a good movie. I also made a batch of delicious cookies tonight. Now it's time for bed so I can actually wake up and get to church in the morning. Goodnight!

Miss you and love you all!

Friday, September 28, 2012

I Have Wonderful Friends.

Yesterday I came home to a wonderful surprise; a package from my lovely friend, Nicole! It was a fantastic surprise because I love her and I love packages. She mailed me a really cute shirt, three movies, and a bracelet she made! It was so wonderful. I plan on mailing her back something really soon!

The cute shirt!
Look at that cute card!


And just for kicks I included a picture of cute Scooby. So cuddly. 

My friends are amazing. 

Miss you and love you all.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guess What?!?!

The Pumpkins are here! Yesterday after work Zach and I headed over to the "Pumpkin Church" and unloaded about 5 million pumpkins off a giant semi. It was a lot of fun and super dirty. 

Pumpkins smell pretty horrible. Maybe not all the time, maybe just after they have been living in a semi for a couple days in the Florida heat. While we were passing the pumpkins we were discussing how wonderful pumpkin scented things smell and how ironic it is that pumpkins actually smell like moldy feet. 

I am super excited about Fall.

Miss you and love you. 

Is This College For Real??

I try to not be that annoying girl in class, but sometimes I just can't help it. Like yesterday when I kept asking my professor "good questions," and he had to keep saying, "Give me a second, I'm getting there." I have two classes and two labs and one professor for everything. I am pretty sure this guy thinks I'm a nutcase. Anywho, today we had a big exam that covered the first four chapters. I studied like a good little student. At the beginning of the class the professor announced that the exam was 70 multiple choice questions--which apparently everyone except for me thought that was unreasonable--BUT we could work in groups of 4 to complete the test. I thought he was joking so I said (aloud), "What? That's silly." Obviously my peers looked at me like I was a crazy. So I chose to work alone, which also pissed off those surrounding me. I mean if I hadn't studied then I guess it would have been great. All seemed like a big joke to me. 

So apparently I am now, ". . . that girl. . "

Miss you and love you all. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

I was able to charge my camera!

Hi there. A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to go on a cruise with some wonderfully hilarious ladies. They just happen to also be my family! Cathy, Lindsey, Lucy and I went on a Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. It was so wonderful to be able to relax with my sisters and second-Momma. I had never been on a cruise and now I know that I would gladly go on another one! I also got to spend some time with one of my beloved youth counselors from high school, Emily. Love her! Here are a few pictures from the trip:

So that was a lot of fun! Then some time later Halie and Jenni came to visit! It was a wonderful weekend full of laughing, drinking, painting nails, shopping around St. George Street, Crazy Stupid Love, and of course Phase 10. On Sunday we all met up for a final lunch at Stir It Up. I love my friends.

Today was the first day I went outside and felt a little chill in the air. It was lovely and I was immediately so excited. I do realize that it will (most likely) not snow in Florida this winter. And also that the leaves with (also most likely) not change to a beautiful array of reds and oranges. BUT I love winter in Florida. I love all the blue skies and the super crisp air. I love that it actually does get cold enough to wear winter clothes. Some people forget about those times but they do happen! I love wrapping up in a warm blanket with a kitty on my lap. I am quite excited that Fall is finally here! I do plan on making a Fall wreath for our front door, and possibly some other fun crafts. For now, I will study. 

Miss you and love you all!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pinky and the Brain

Hi there. So turns out my camera battery is dead and before it decided to die it told its charger to run away and never come back. Which is why I have yet to post any pictures from the cruise or any other part of my day-to-day life that (I just know) you are super excited to see about. Therefore I have decided to update you via computer picture. 


As of right now I am studying uber-exciting Anatomy & Psychology because I have a quiz tomorrow. And a big ol' exam on Monday. Sarcasm aside, I do actually enjoy both of the classes I am taking. Which makes me excited for the *hopeful* OT program at University of Saint Augustine. 

This is what I'm going to look like when I get all that knowledge in my head (I'm gonna have a big brain). I shall study until it's time for Tuesday Night Dinner. And that is all for tonight. 

Miss you!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chevron Painting

Painted this today instead of studying flashcards.

 I also went on a cruise last weekend to Cozumel, Mehico with my sisters and my Cathy. It was a blast. I have pictures and you shall see them. Soon. One day. 

Miss you and love you. Katie (Heinemen), I want pictures.