Thursday, February 24, 2011

We're like the MonStars. . . but nicer. . . .

Tonight we played basketball. By "we" I mean Zach and I and by "basketball" I mean so-much-fun-basketball.

We joined the intramural team at the Seminary and so far we are undefeated (we have played 4 games, only 2 of which I have been apart of). Zach is pretty much awesome at basketball and so is everyone else on the team. I have learned that I'm not too shabby myself. I'm not sure how, but I did manage to score a 3 pointer tonight. . .so that was pretty awesome.

We had so much fun and afterwards we went to Wawa and got ICEEs. yum.

Miss you and love you all.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I want to tell you a little story. It's not finished yet but who cares. I think it's simply amazing.

As some of your know Zach and I have become very good friends with a family up here in Princeton; the Hedges family. Ruth, Eric, Autumn, and Bella have brought a lot of laughter and deep thought moments into our lives and we are very happy that we have had a chance to get to know them. In a year and a half, they will definitely be missed. I wish there was a way for me to build up this very short---and incomplete----story, but it's simply not really mine to tell therefore there is only so much I can say. A close family member of Eric and Ruth's is very ill. That individual wanted to take a road trip as a last hoorah before getting too sick to enjoy much more. Somewhere along the trip she became too sick to venture forward(this is where I believe God comes in). She ended up in Saint Augustine, Florida. Out of ALL PLACES. She ended up in a place where Ruth and Erics good friends call home. Ruth, Eric, and Autumn flew down to join their family in Saint Augustine. There were met by hospitable people and many suggestions on where to eat delicious food. I just think it's so crazy the way life works out. I mean out of all places, they ended up in Saint Augustine. If they have a question about anything in Saint Augustine they can just call us up! Rae and Kevin even found a place for them where they could stay for free! Life is so crazy and God really does work in mysterious---sometimes infuriating----ways.

Please keep the Hedges in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zombie Love

I don't know if you know this or not, but I am married to one hell of a guy. He's all around real awesome. Which definitely helped out making this Valentines Day the best Valentines Day ever. Even though I worked Monday, Zach made sure to greet me in the morning with a dozen roses. So good. So pretty. I don't care if they will die in about a week, they are pretty and romantic and wonderful. That day at work everyone brought in a ton of sweets and the day went by super fast. Zach and I thought about going out to dinner and a movie but then we decided to skip the crowds. After work I headed to Trader Joes (I'm there at least every other day) to pick up some marinated beef yumminess, wine, and peanut butter filled pretzels. While we were waiting for dinner we exchanged our sweet gifts. Zach got me an adorable envelope necklace and some delicious Aveda Comfort Tea. I refused to buy it for myself because it's expensive for tea! Which makes it the perfect gift!

45 minutes later our delicious dinner was ready! Beef yumminess, kale, and corn. So delicious. So we cozied up with our movie, some wine, and some oh-so-sinfully-delcious chocolates and enjoyed our wonderful night together.

Basically what I am getting at is that Me + Zach = Big Love. I made a diagram for you.

We are beyond blessed.

Miss you and love you all.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

To Zach

Just a lil' love via cozy. This is what I would give you if I were a zombie.

Love you!

For Nicole

My dear friend Nicole---who lives very, very, very far away from me--- told me that I should blog more. I thought I blogged a lot. But by, "more" she means every day. I blog when I feel like I have done something worth sharing, or Zach has done something worth sharing. Or I have pretty pictures that I want to share. None of which has happened lately. Regardless, I am blogging right now for my leetle friend Nicole because I want her to have something new to look at when she sees my blog. So let's see. . . .

Today was a productive day. Yes it was Sunday and no I did not go to church because I am a slacker. Though it was still a productive day. I did laundry, I cleaned the whole house, I ironed my shirt (something I never do), I went to the mall with Rae, I unloaded groceries that Zach-my-of-so-wonderful-fantastic-hubsband brought home to me. . . . .----this is where things stop being productive-----I ordered a pizza so it would be home sometime around when Zach got home. . . . and well that's about it. Oh yeah! I started on Zachs Vday card.

All in all a super duper exciting day full of calmness. But I did find this:So sweet. Miss you and love you all.