Sunday, November 24, 2013


I had a late start this morning so I opted for at-home quiet time. I went with the good ol' Celtic Wheel because it's amazing. Everytime I read it I hear something new. Reading it along with scripture from the Bible is quite stress relieving. Save your future self from wandering up and down the devotional isle at Barnes&Nobles and just buy this book. Anywho, I wanted to share a clip:

"Giver of peace, I pray for an end to war
but there can be none without living for peace.
I pray for peace in the world
but there can be none without peace in the nations.
I pray for peace in the nations
but there can be none without peace in the communities.
I pray for peace in the communities
but there can be none without peace between neighbors.
I pray for peace between neighbors
but there can be none without peace in the home.
I pray for peace in the home
but there can be none without peace in the heart.
Give peace in my heart this day O God
and when the fighting of this world overwhelms me, 
let me know that peace begins with me."

These days I am constantly challenging myself to find peace within. Tends to not be an easy task when my stress levels are regularly reaching an all time high. When I decided to trade church in for devotional time and find this passage, I am reminded someone much greater is looking out for me. Those tests and practicals are quite important, but they are not where I find my strength nor my peace. 

May we all find peace within ourselves, even if it is just for a fleeting moment. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hi there. I know, it's been a while. But that is simply because life is insanely busy and school has taken over. To the extent that it's odd for me to go a week without having to suffer through an exam. What the heck, grad school? But we are surviving! Zach has been super supportive and fantastic the whole time. This past weekend we were able to head down to Tampa for a night to be with my family for my sister, Lucy's engagement party. It was a lot of fun. We had a great time talking with everyone and just being around my family. I didn't take one picture though. It's gotten to the point where I feel weird carrying my camera around. I am officially (well and Zach) the last person on earth without an Iphone. I know, not really, but that's how it seems. People at school look at my phone like, "What is that thing?" Poor little phone. Ohwellll!
Fun story---this past Friday I had to take an Anatomy exam that I was insanely nervous about because it pretty much decides whether or not I have to retake the whole class. That morning, I showed up to the exam 45 MINUTES late. The professor looked at me like, "What a newb, why are you so late?" I almost broke down right there in front of the whole class. I was shaking like crazy and really thought I was just having a super realistic nightmare. But no, it was happening. Instead of having two wonderful hours to complete this super important test, I was going to have about an hour. I sat down to take the test and my hands were shaking sooo badly, I could barely bubble in the scantron, let alone remember ALL of that information I had learned. I totally lost all of my mnemonic devices, I could barely remember the most basic things. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. But there was no hole, so I didn't. I finished the exam before the time was up. I was so convinced I had failed I actually left three minutes early. I later found out, that by some amazing act of God I did not fail. I will have to do quite well on the next two tests, but there's still a chance I won't have to retake the class. yippeeeee

On to happier times. . . .even though we are quite busy we decided it would be in our best interest if we added a member to our family. And heck no, I am not pregnant. Not yet. 

Meet Henry.

I know, super cute. And he's all soft and fluffy and doesn't smell like death (no offense Chee-chee-mon). 
The goal of this blog post was to let you know that I am still surviving through grad school and that we got a kitten. 

Miss you and love you! 
Keep me in your prayers. 
My stress levels are way too high. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Grown Up

In thirteen days I start grad school at University of Saint Augustine for Health Sciences. I will be working toward my Masters in Occupational Therapy. I have been looking forward to this day for. . . ohh let's see. . .. three years. At least that's how long I have been either fulfilling pre-req's or filling out applications and waiting . . . and waiting. I am so joyful that the waiting period is coming to a swift end and I get to start school. I know there are going to be days when I miss my friends and I want to do anything but study and do homework. But it's ok. Because atleast I will be doing all of this work with the mindset that I am working towards a specific goal that will turn into a big-girl job. An adult job.

Ha. An adult job. Sometimes I forget that I'm 27. Not that 27 is bad--just different from what I thought it would be. I think it's better actually. Now in two years I am going to have a great job! YAYY!

Miss you.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Father-Daughter Weekend Trip

This past weekend my dad and I went on a super fun and relaxing trip to Charleston, SC. Thursday after work Dad met me in Saint Augustine and we headed on our way. For most of the trip we were able to ride with the top down which was super nice. Definitely made me miss my old jeep. 

I was kind of scared I was going to drop my camera for this. Trying to capture the moment.
Friday we wandered around Charleston and the local area. Charleston is full of beautiful houses. The area by the beach was so nice.  Friday night we went to a DELICIOUS restaurant called S.N.O.B. (Slightly North of Broad). We sat right in front of the open kitchen, it was fun to be able to watch everyone work. 

After dinner we headed to a movie theater and watched Red 2. I thought it was really great, Dad said the first one was even better. Definitely a good movie to watch in a theater. 

Saturday morning we decided to go and walk around more, just in case we missed anything. When we stepped outside of the hotel we were happy to find the local farmers market right outside our front steps! I loved it. Definitely one of my favorite markets. So many wonderful local delicacies and cool art.

 After a bit of walking around and getting lunch we headed back to the hotel for a nap and some relaxing. Then it was time for the surprise! Barenaked Ladies concert featuring Guster and Ben Folds Five. Oh man, so fun! We had a blast!

This is a super typical look that my father gives. 

Did I mention second row?

I love Father-Daughter trips. They make my heart happy. I am thankful to be blessed with such a great family.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I have not been blogging as much as I used to. Ho well. 

A while ago most of my best girlfriends went out to the farmhouse for our KagDubsII weekend. It's pretty much one of my favorite times of the year. We relax and laugh the whole time. We catch up with eachother. We vent to one another. It's our supremely safe place and we love it. This years trip was filled with yummy food, swimming in the pool, enjoying the soaking tub, lounging on the amazing porch, playing cards, and going down the slip-n-slide. Oh, and playing Quelf. And painting nails. 

I love these girls. For those of you who could not make it this year, know that you were missed. We hope you can join next year!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Even though so much time has gone by since our cruise, I still have the pictures to prove that it actually did happen and it wasn't just a dream. We had so much fun! See:

Cally and Tori drove the car back home for us.

View from our room. So lovely.

We were quite excited.


Zach played in a ping-pong competition.

Unlimited Rum Punch

Our favorite spot.

The couple that sat with us at dinner.

Last sunset.
After we got back from the cruise we quickly stepped back into reality. Upon arrival our dear friends, Zach and Jayce, informed us that our sweet little Scooby had passed away while we were gona. We don't really know what happend. Cally was house sitting at the time, so when I found out I immediately felt bad for her. Definitely the worst thing that can happen when you're housesitting. 

RIP little guy.
The following weekend Zach and I witnessed a tragic boating accident while night fishing with our friend Mitch. Another sobering reminder that we were no longer on our happy little cruise. The next day I decided to go ahead with my planned trip to Micanopy with Cally and Colleen. I figured it was better to get out of the house than to stay in and ponder the events of the night before. Micanopy is a super cute little town and it's also about 18 miles away from a Trader Joes. Cally, Colleen, and I wandered around the tiny town in search of treasures. We enjoyed lunch (and ice cream) in front of an adorable cafe right in the middle of town. So fun and so nice to spend some time with my lovely friends.

Our first stop was so fun!

Cally purchased her very own Ukulele. I just tried one out (for pictures).

We found a dog that looks just like Scout!

Dad should build this.
We had a wonderful relaxing day. Now I am nannying and this weekend is KAG Dubs! I am sooo excited! 

Love you.