Monday, October 31, 2011

Little girls are afraid of Batman

Little boys always love Batman, but without fail, every little girl under the age of 5 literally froze at the sight of Zach Batman. 

Tonight Zach and I answered the door for trick-or-treaters as batman and catwoman/a cat (depending on if Zach was with me). When I got home from work we ordered pizza and got ready for our costumed visitors. Oh man so cute. We had a lot of Mario, Luigis, Princesses, Lions, Darth Vader, and even one Ring Leader. The ring leader was my favorite. His dad gave him a mic (ya know the one from the dollar store that has a spring on the inside so it really does make your voice seem louder and and you loved it when you were younger and you still do because it's awesome). Anyways his dad gave him this mic(rophone) and was all, "What do you say?. . .What does a ring leader say to his lions." And the kid got all serious and put his mouth into the mic and says, "I don't know what you want me to say. . . . I don't want to say anything." It was really funny. Plus he was wearing a giant home (awesomely) made top hat. Then there were all the little girls that just stood in front of our door looking scared sh*tless (kid friendly?) at Batman. They obviously had no idea who this creature was, completely forgot about the candy, and quickly became aware of their short lives. Poor kids. 

But then there was this one kid right at the beginning that was like, "BATMAANNN, BATMANNN, IT'S BATMAAAANNNN!"  Which made Zachs night. 

All in all it was a pretty awesome Halloween. 

Love you and miss you all. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just in case you forgot. . ..

The Halloween movies are still very scary. Who knew?! But they are still soo sooo good. I wish scary movies were still made this way. The blood is fake but not too fake. The bad guy pops out and makes you scream. There's just stabbing and then it's over. There are no torture/rape scenes. The bad guy can walk anywhere and still catch up to the running/driving in a car victim. Scary movies these days are too realistic and too morbid. The Hills Have Eyes made me never want to watch a scary movie again. At least not a new one. 

I still mute the scary parts. 

Happy Halloween!
Miss you and love you all. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Date Night

I love weekends. Clearly. This weekend is extra long for me because I took off Friday! We only had one doctor working in the office so it would have been horribly boring and the "boss" would have been constantly lurking around trying to find us busy work. So instead I ran errands and brought Zach lunch while he finished his paper. Friday night was GRANT-MCNEAL DATE NIGHT!!! I type it in caps because that's how you say it. . .all excited-like. 

Now, unfortunately for my spouse, I will forever pump up date night. I will imagine that we're going to be doing something amazing and new and inevitably something way too out of our budget. Which is really dumb and I completely acknowledge this and yes, I do know that I am being silly. When I found out what we would be doing there was that initial bit of disappointment (which I know is stupid so I try my best to ignore myself). We had a wonderful simple night of fun. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that--simple.

The McNeals and I left their house to go pick-up Mr. Grant who had just personally handed his paper into his professor's hand as he was collecting them from the mailbox. I told him instead of saying "mercy, mercy. . " while handing in his paper he should have told him he just prefers to have a more personal experience and shake the hand of the man who will be grading his papers. Ya know with a, "Here you go fine sir, I hope you enjoy grading this as much as I enjoyed writing it." If I was a professor that would certainly make me laugh. Moving on.

**Every picture on this blog came from the McNeal camera.
 I just edited their perty lil' colors.**

Zach and Kevin like to play.

We headed to New Hope, PA. It's a lovely ride along the Delaware River and then you turn and you are instantly in this cute little town. Well actually there's Lambertville--so cute complete with a wonderfully charming and tasty little coffee shop--then you cross the small rickety bridge --by car-- to get into New Hope. Find parking and then walk to your yummy dinner. That's typically the plan whenever we go there. 

haha. . .I love this one. 

So we walked a bit then headed to Havana. When Zach and I first went to this restaurant about a year and a half ago we shared two sandwiches (we like sharing); a cuban and a Thanksgiving sandwich. Oh man they were both soooo amazing. And so ever since then we go there in the hope of finding something equally as amazing. I don't think we have done that yet, but we do plan on going there after Thanksgiving to get another one of those amazing sandwiches. This time we started with amazingly huge onion rings and baked brie (yummmm). Then Zach and I semi shared a burger, fries, and BBQ pulled pork tacos. 

After dinner we slowly headed back to the bridge. Rae wanted to take some pictures of the water before it got too dark, which it did. We were too slow because we were too full. So full. 

We eventually headed back to Princeton, went to our separate homes, got into comfy clothes/pj's, headed back to the McNeals, and ended the night with wine and Mario Party. We had a lovely night. I love GRANT/MCNEAL DATE NIGHT!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Style Blog

One day I will take a picture of our kids just as awesome as this one. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Shower Time


This past weekend Zach and I flew to Tampa to join in on Lindsey and Joes pre-wedding festivities. We got in Friday, napped a bit, then headed to paint some pottery for Lindsey and Joe---while enjoying some Sangria and wine---Afterwards we met Dad at the Wine Exchange and enjoyed a delicious meal and caught up a bit. Saturday we went to one shower where we met a lot of Joes (the fiance/friend/great guy) family. It was relaxing and in a great location. That evening we went to another shower thrown by nine lovely ladies at the Starkeys house. Zach and I had a wonderful time catching up with/hugging family friends that we hadn't seen since our wedding. 

The party was fantastic, complete with seafood & chicken paella made right there in the backyard. And a dessert table. Soo great. I love family. 

Sunday we watched Lindsey and Joe open a few of their presents then headed to the airport. They asked two people to step down from the flight because it was too full. So Zach and I eagerly stepped forward, accepted our $950 worth of flight vouchers, and headed home to enjoy one last unexpected night with family. We headed back to Princeton Monday morning. So now we are home and cozy and the kitties are still alive. Back to work tomorrow.