Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cranbury Trip

Yesterday was a fantastic day. Zach and I spent the day exploring Cranbury, NJ. It's a small town literally 25 minutes away from our home. So adorable. Especially when it's covered with snow. We had lunch at a little diner called Teddy's Luncheonette. Greasy diner food is so delicious, especially when it's stuck in the middle of an antique store and a pile of snow. My coworker told me about this store called the Bookworm. So after a bit of walking around we stopped in and got lost in the maze of books. This store is actually an old two story house in which every single room is stuffed floor to ceiling with books. It's quite amazing.

While we were walking around we came across a trail that passed by a bright red barn and led to a field of snow. It was beautiful. We only got as far as the barn. We weren't quite dressed for treading through snow. Plus, there were ice cycles that needed to be knocked down and some funny pictures we needed to take. Zach almost froze his hands off but I'm pretty sure he would say that the pain was well worth it.

After almost freezing our little fingers off we decided to stop at this cute and cozy little bakery/ lunch house. We each got a delicious beverage and a fancy dessert. Soooo good and sooo warm.

All in all, Cranbury was dang cute and gorgeous. My favorite Saturday activity is exploring the little towns that surround Princeton. Each on is so cute and has so much to offer. This town looks like something straight out of a movie. Go visit. But first come see us.

Miss you and love you all.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hi there. Today was a good day. Nothing bad happened. Everyone at work was nice. The work day went by pretty fast. I got a bit further in my book. I deposited some checks. I went to the post office and sold my Etsy art. All equaling a good day. Then I went to the dentist office and had one of my teeth prepped for a cap. So boo on that, but that's ok. All of this is not what peaked my interest in posting this evening.

The Plan:
We have had a lot of plans. I have had a lot of plans. How I was going to spend my time in Princeton. What I was going to do when we left Princeton. yadda yadda yadda. But this time I think I have finally figured it out. I am going to start studying for the GRE's. booo

I don't want to do that! I want to play with Zach and our friends. I want to watch movies and go window shopping. I want to read fictional books. So though I might try and postpone buying GRE study materials (or checking them out of the library). . . I know that eventually I will do it. Because I have to take the GRE's by August or else the new GRE kicks in and I won't have any study materials. According to Zach (I believe him). Sooo therefor I have a deadline and THAT I can work with. And why am I taking the GRE's?

Purpose of GRE:
Because I want to apply to Saint Augustine University for their Master of Occupation Therapy program! Though it's super expensive, which if kind of scary to me because we aren't necessarily wealthy right now, it's apparently a super awesome program. AND when I graduate I can have a job pretty much anywhere for pretty much forever. Plus the pay isn't too shabby and the possible schedule isn't too bad looking either.

Pre-reqs and the Master's program will pretty much take 3 years. But that's ok. I also get to spend all that time in Saint Augustine with Zach, family, and friends.

Very exciting, but also a little overwhelming.

Miss you and love you all.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wonderful. . . .again. . .

This past week was quite wonderful. On the 10th of January Zach and I celebrated our second anniversary! Woot woot. Zach picked me up from work with beautiful flowers. So sweet. We headed home and then got all snazzed-up for a romantic evening. We headed to Mezzaluna and had the most amazing meal ever. Complete with Lamb, Hogue wine (the same wine I had at my bridal shower), Champagne, Chocolate soufflé, creme brulee , and coffee. Soooo goooooood. It took us forever to complete out delicious meal. . . . . . which was fine with both of us. Love him!

Theeeennnnnnnnn. . . yesterday (Friday) we all went over to the McNeals for a night of games, hanging out, and laughing. So fun.

Theeeennnnnnnnnnnn on Saturday the McNeals, Zach, and I went to Jersey City for the famous Brownstone Diner. We all an amazing ---extremely---filling breakfast. Sooooooo gooooood. Even though they are famous for the extensive pancake options. . . .I couldn't help but stick with Eggs Benedict. yum.

Side note. . . it took us forever to get there because of the lack of cash and the long lengths it took to get cash for the dang Jersey Turnpike tolls. But it was fine.
After our gigantic brunch we headed to Hoboken for Carlo's Bakery. You might be thinking, "How could go get more food after eating such a huge meal?" Well, this is how, we had to get there, find parking, wait in line for an hour, then drive home, watch a bit of a movie, and THEN, not until much later, were we able to enjoy the yumminess of Carlo's Bakery. The line was long. . .but we had fun.

Here are all the things we bought. . .. 2 Lobster Tails---yes they are the best tasting morsels of goodness ever. . .2 cannolis---also delicious. . . .tiramisu---still have yet to try that one. . .and then that fruit thing that's in the collage. Not quite sure what it is but it is soooo good. This weekend was definitely a weekend of delicious foods and friends. My favorite. Oh yeah! We also saw Mary while we were in Carlo's.

I definitely thought the --very professional looking-- woman behind us was going to pee her pants from excitement. "OHMYGOSH. . .MARY. . .. Mary can I PLEASE take a picture with you, MAARY?" It was funny. Yay for friends and good times.

Love you and miss you all!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

That's right. . . .

It's about time. I finally clicked on the "renew" button and opened up shop. Perhaps now I will feel inclined to make more art!

Wish me luck!

Love you and miss you all.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Traveling home for Christmas/New Years:
December 22nd Zach and I jumped on a plane headed to Tampa. As soon as I started to recognize some of the Tampa wonderfullness I let out a sigh of relief. I didn't realize that whole time I was -semi- holding my breath. I felt relieved to be back in the familiar. Though even as we arrived I felt a bit of sadness knowing I only had 2 weeks to enjoy all of the people I love. However, those two weeks were absolutely wonderful. Crazy. But wonderful. I could take you through all of our traveling zigzagging adventures in the land of Florida, but I won't. It's exhausting to even think of everywhere we drove and how quickly we left.
----Saint Augustine----
Zach and I love being in Saint Augustine. It is very much our home away from home. I mean, for Zach it actually is home. We spent time with Zeke, Zach's momma, Grandma and Grampa Grant, friends, and good ol' Saint A. Christmas Eve Eve we all pitched in and made a delicious dinner. It was wonderful to be in such a small warm space surrounded by family and love. Christmas Eve we went to the Christmas Eve Service with Grandma and Grampa Grant. It was beautiful. We love them. After the service we exchanged gifts with Zach's mom, gave hugs and said our goodbyes. Around 1:30am we headed to Tampa.


Christmas morning we woke up in the Madden/Jones home. I love my home. Especially at Christmas. I wish I had taken more pictures. It's so comfy cozy and smells delicious. And by delicious I mean a mixture of scented candles and dog. All the girls were in their matching oh-so-cheesy PJ's. That morning there were 10 of us sitting around the fireplace opening Christmas gifts. Soooo much love. After the gifts were open we all took showers and got ready for extended family to join us for some tasty food. After all the yum yums we played a hilarious game of White Elephant which always contains some type of sexual gift. Last year it was a Kama Sutra book that Nonny chose, "Well what is this?" she said as she flipped through the pages. This year it was a Penis Pokey book and a Naughty Joke book. The second of the two was supposed to be an actual gift for someone, but the jokes ended up being a bit too naughty. It was hilarious. Zach and I ended up with some really nice hangers---I can't pass up free hangers that won't break---and a Modern Family DVD---Zach stole it from Dad---. That night we went to the Tampa Theater with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin to see The Kings Speech. It was really good. The next few days were filled with relaxation, another movie (True Grit at Cine Bistro, also really good), and yummy food. I love my family so much and I honestly cannot wait to move back down South.

Zach and I went to visit Mom! We had a really nice time. It's the first Christmas in a long time that we were able to be together. She made a real southern meal for us. Pork chops, spoon corn bread, turnip greens, macaroni and cheese, and sweet tea. So yummmmy. We drove around a bit, got lost, and then ended up at World Market. She had never been there so it was really fun. After we got home we made popcorn and watched Sling Blade. I always thought it was some type of action -lots of blowing up cars-movie. I was a little off.

----New Years at the Farmhouse!----

Oh man. So fun. 19 people and 2 dogs all in one house. Weeee. . . played games, shot guns, sat by the bonfire, drank. . . a lot, hugged, played with dogs, rode 4 wheelers, ate more yummy food, flew a kite from an ATV, took pictures, and so much more. It was a fantastic time and I was so incredibly sad to say goodbye. I wanted to cry every time.

And now we are back in Princeton. When we arrived there was snow on the ground. Then 4 days later it snowed even more. A lot more. And so now we are surrounded by a wonderful winter wonderland. So, even though I miss Florida and all of its wonderful inhabitants, I am enjoying living in the North for the time being. We have a year and a half left and I know it's going to fly by. Also, I'm planning on applying to Saint Augustine University for their OT program. So that means I have to start studying for the GRE's. Fun fun fun.

Miss you and love you all.