Saturday, August 28, 2010

So So So Good.

These past few weeks have been wonderful. Besides getting a new job, and simply loving it, I have made my way to NYC, enjoyed a couple date nights, and even survived a wild safari trip. . .(Six Flags park style).

The Safari included Zach and I driving around in the good ol' Saturn on this 4 mile long road that takes you through a whole buncha different animals and their habitats. The cool/dangerous/interesting part about it was that there were no fences that kept most of the animals from getting real close to your car. Zach and I definitely thought that the rhino's were going to impale our car. . . . he looked kinda mad. It was awesome.

I have been wanting to go to NYC by myself for a while . . . so I can walk around and only be concerned with what I want to do and how fast I want to do it. So I planned to go, but then I found out that my friend Victor's (who lives in NYC) parents were going to be in town. I really wanted to see them (they are great) so I ended up spending most of the day with them. It was sooooo much fun. I also got to see Come Fly Away. Real good.

Good times had by all.

Love you and miss you.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good Times. . . .

This past Sunday five of my closest girlfriends road-tripped all the way to Princeton, NJ. We had a wonderful time. They arrived on a Wednesday. Unfortunately I had to work Thursday and Friday morning. . . . however we managed to have a grand ol' time none the less. Wednesday and Thursday night was spent hanging out and touristing around the town. Princeton is beautiful so it is fun to show people around, but it's also kinda hot out and. . . .well I was real tired.

We also went out to Terhune Orchards. . . which is favorite. This time I did two things there I had never done. . . .tried their Cider Slush----delicious and refreshing---and fed the goats for a wopping dime. Zach and I definitely felt more at home after realizing we know Princeton well enough to show our friends a good time.

Friday night was so great. We. . . .me, Cally, Jenni, Halie, Hollis, Megan, and my dear wonderful friends Rae and Ruth. . . . drank some amazing Sangria. . .among other yummies. . . .and played hilarious games---Three Round Charades and Catch Phrase. It's so fun to act silly and laugh so dang hard with your closest pals (sigh--miss them already). We all had such a great time.

Saturday morning we woke up (some slower and sicker than others) and headed out to NYC. We took the ferry which is always so much fun and super convenient. Once we got there we headed straight to Times Square to pick up our tickets for Promises Promises. While we waited for the show we headed to Ellens Stardust Diner. Also a grand ol' time. Watching waiters and waitresses sing (some quite well) while waiting on tables is very impressive. Finally it was time for the show! Soooo good. Highly recommend it. After the show we wandered around the city. Highlights: couple doin' the nasty in Central Park right next to the entrance of Strawberry Fields, searched for Once Upon a Tart in SOHO (closed :( ), had a delicious dinner in Greenwich Village. . . . Yay for good times and amazing friends.

On another happy note. I got a new job! Though I will miss Starbucks and its inhabitants. . . . I am looking forward to learning a new job, having a more normal work schedule (8:30-5 Mon-Fri), and having the opportunity to save a bit more money. I will be working at an Ophthalmologists Office as one of 7 (?) front desk assistants. Did I mention I am excited about being able to wear perfume, paint my nails, wear my hair down, and not come home smelling like coffee? Oh. . and scrubs! Thank you, Jesus!

Miss you and love you all!