Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Baby Emery, Christmas, New Years

This break has been amazing. I am trying to soak up every bit of my freedom (which is coming to an end soon). I realize that I rarely have time to post, but let's face it. . .pictures are all you want. Here is a lovely mixture of (my favorite niece) Emery, Christmas loves, and New Years Shenanigans:

I made this cutting board for Cat and Dad because I love them so much. 

I love this man. January 10th we will celebrate five amazing hilarious years together.

This little diddy was taken before we headed South for Christmas. There are no ornaments on that Christmas tree and our apartment is not nearly as festive as it was last year. This is a direct result of grad school. Still cozy.

I mean seriously, what an adorable picture of Dad adoring Baby Emery. She's a doll. I was in this position the whole time she was at our house in Tampa. 

Family photo!

Dad decked out the farmhouse in Christmas loveliness. It was so cozy and perfect.

Farmhouse. Excuse my finger, I'm new to the whole Iphone thing. 

Best fire ring ever. Dad found the cement in the field (the previous owner collected (?) it. Cally, Dodd, and I enjoyed gathering wood with the tractor for this sucker.

And again because, well obviously. . . 

Christmas photo by the tree in Tampa

Lucy and Sharkey

Dad and Cathy

I mean c'mon. . .

This is when I first got hold of her. So precious.

OK, time for New Years . . .

We were having a great time. . .

Cally. . .

So close. . .

Back to the Farm for a moment, we had a lot of fun around that fire.

Henry loves his new blanket.

Sparkly glasses for New Years.

Motorcycle Super Hero. It's a thing. Please note. . .I could not straighten my arm all the way because of all the padding in that jacket.

Last but not least, a I visited our little spot where we got married almost five years ago. Still so beautiful.

Miss you.