Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed In!

Starbucks was closed today. We don't close on Christmas or anything like that----just when it's snowing like 80,000 feet. And that is what happend today. I exagerate a bit yes, but it did snow do dang much. In fact, it is still snowing. Zach and I made the best snowman. His name is Chester: Step one:

Step two:

Chester is born!:

He has a really great smiley face:

We are very proud of our Chester.

Then we walked around to meet all of Chester's neighborhood friends.

This is the view from our apartment. . . .

Still love you and miss you all.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Taking the time to sit down and blog takes many many attempts and so many willful thoughts. Once I have a blog posted it's great, but the bazillion attempts it takes to get to that posted blog tire me out. So this attempt I decided to just sit down and start typing.

Today I have the day off of work! Yay! I slowly got out of bed this morning, got dressed and make an omelet. yum yum. I opened all the curtains to brighten up out place a bit and bring some of the outside goodness inside. Why? Because there was no way in hell I was going outside today unless I had to. It's like 20 degrees outside and the ground is still very much covered with snow. (picture courtesy Rae)

Last Saturday we got about a foot and a half! That day was no good---even though we were in the middle of being buried by the first blizzard I still made it to work by 6:30am. Boooo. I did get sent home early though. So that was fantastic. The whole time I was at work I just kept thinking about Zach still all cozy and warm in bed. There I was---putting pastries in the case and making mocha for the 8 customers that came in that morning. Finally though---at about 9:45---I was back in bed and so so happy to be there.

Last week I was in Tampa. It was a wonderful time filled with family and friends. I got to see Cally--which is always so much fun. Probably because we are always content doing the same thing and we laugh so dang much when we hang out. I was soooo beyond excited to finally get to hang out with her. (But now I miss you Cally so please leave your job and house sit for us while I work and Zach studies.) I also got to spend some time with my wonderful momma in a new environment. Which---as some of you know---was very very exciting for me. Chase was also in town so that was a treat. I very much miss my family and I know that Zach feels the same way. I was very upset to leave Tampa but very excited to get back to Zach and our home. But with that said, we both decided that after Zach graduates we will be heading down South. We love our families too much to live so far far away.

Before Tampa our good buddy Josh was in town. It's wonderful when people from our old home come to visit us. They bring so much coziness with them. The first day that Josh was here Christina came to visit! That evening we went to PJ's Pancakes in Princeton, Winberries Bar, and then back to the house to drink and play a wonderful game of Phase 10! (obviously) It was very surreal sitting around our dinner table with friends from Saint Augustine. But I loved it so much. Christina had to go back home because she was getting her wisdom teeth out the next day. :( But Josh, Zach, and I went to NYC! We------saw the Statue of Liberty from the ferry, played in the Sony place, walked around Central Park, ate yummy foods, Zach got to pose with his hero, hung out with our friend Lauren from back home, hung out with our friend Blake, had guacamole with him in his sweet apartment, and ventured into Times Square. It was a great trip.

Now Zach is back to his studying and classes and I am back to work. But it is supposed to snow tonight....and we are supposed to get another foot and a half. Which means there is a chance that I might be snowed in tomorrow morning.

We love and miss you all so dang much.