Monday, March 29, 2010

But I Am Le Tired

Boy oh boy. . .this past week has been crazy. Not really, but it seems like it! This past Saturday I met Nicole and Christina in N.Y.C for a fun day of running around. It was full of laughter, but it did prove to me even more how important it is to have somewhat of a plan when heading into the Big City. There's just sooo much to see and trains cost money and my feet get tired and wah wah wah. Perhaps three years ago I would have absolutely loved just running around without an agenda. . . but the older more schedule-minded 24 year old me needs structure. . .at least a little bit. Once I have structure it's much easier for me to break the guidelines that I have setup for myself. But I do need those once feared guides. . . .they help my mind feel at ease.

Moving on. . .For the first time ever, I traveled all the way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC from my humble abode in Princeton, NJ. I successfully arrived with no U-turns (well subway U-turns) and only 2 questions/answers from strangers (a very nice police man and a Jamaican woman). Even though it was quite straight forward I still felt very grown-up and accomplished (doesn't take much). After zipping through the Met. .. . that's right. . . we hunted down some pizza and continued exploring. NBC building, 30 Rock Plaza, Anthropologie, some random cute stores, subway subway subway, Times Square with Starbucks drinks in hand, and Sephora. Good times had by all.

After a very long day I headed back home via NJ Transit. My wonderful husband, clad in lumberjack plaid board shorts, a blue homemade t-shirt, and a pair of Converse Shoes, picked me up and took me to Fridays for a quick dinner (40 degree weather). Gotta love him.
Sunday was fantastically relaxing. Zach--guiltlessly----let me sleep in while he went to church. While he was away I slowly emerged from my wonderful lazy slumber and got dressed. Eventually I walked over to Whole Foods and picked up some milk, OJ, Strawberries, 2 sticky buns, and 2 apple turnovers. When Zach returned we enjoyed are sinfully delicious breakfast. It was wonderful and so easy. Eventually our friend Kevin came over. He spontaneously trained Zach for a good 15 minutes (push ups, pull ups, stairs, hand squeezy thing, dips. . . etc). For relaxation time they watched Tombstone (Zachs favorite movie) while I made really cute and simple Easter cards and painted a picture for our balcony. Around 7 that evening Zach and I headed to the Seminary with the McNeals for the Palm Sunday service. It was a choral presentation. Very pretty----but very long. I spliced my palm---much to Zachs dismay--- and made it into a pretty braid. I gave it to a little girl who sat through the whole service way more maturely than I did. After the service we headed to Twist. Delicious as always.
Right now I am typing from the front desk at the Princeton Arts Council. I started volunteering here last week. I can be found here at the front desk on Mondays 1-4pm. It's easy and I love the being here. I answer the very few phone calls. . transfer them to someone who knows an answer. . . greet people. . .it's pretty basic work. Plus--every hour I volunteer I get a $5.00 credit towards an art class or an event! I am very excited about that. I am also going to be volunteering as an assistant in a sculpture class for kids this Summer. YAY! I couldn't be more pumped! So that pretty much covers everything.
Miss you and love you all.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Here are a few . . .

. . . things I love from this past week. . .

Painting time.

Cheech-Chee Mon

Pretty roses.

The robot that protects our microwave.

Basil plant.

Our new rug that --unlike our last one-- does not make the kitchen look dirty.

Zach, for working so dang hard this past week.

Love you and miss you all.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

MMMMM Yummy.

Today is a marvelous day. Since it is the weekend, I am not working! Yayyyyy.

This is because I got a promotion a few weeks ago. So now I work Monday through Friday 4:45am to 1:15pm. Kind of hard getting used to waking up so dang early. . . but I'm getting used to it.

Now---today is marvelous because:

1. I got out of bed whenever I wanted to this morning---10:30am
2. Opened the curtains to be greeted by happy crisp blue skies.
3. Got dressed---didn't put on make-up or a uniform!
4. Drove into town and picked up a (free) delicious cappuccino from good
ol' SBux
5. Picked up 3 movies from
6. Drove to Trader
Joes to pick up ingredients for French Toast.
7. Walked over to
Lowes to pickup some plants for the humble abode.
8. Came home and made a DELICIOUS brunch.
9. Talked to Chase online.
10. I have absolutely NO pressing plans today!!!!

Also---our porch is looking cozier and cozier. Which makes me super happy.

One day our house plants will be able to move outside!

Scooby is having a good day too.

Love you and miss you all.