Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Even though so much time has gone by since our cruise, I still have the pictures to prove that it actually did happen and it wasn't just a dream. We had so much fun! See:

Cally and Tori drove the car back home for us.

View from our room. So lovely.

We were quite excited.


Zach played in a ping-pong competition.

Unlimited Rum Punch

Our favorite spot.

The couple that sat with us at dinner.

Last sunset.
After we got back from the cruise we quickly stepped back into reality. Upon arrival our dear friends, Zach and Jayce, informed us that our sweet little Scooby had passed away while we were gona. We don't really know what happend. Cally was house sitting at the time, so when I found out I immediately felt bad for her. Definitely the worst thing that can happen when you're housesitting. 

RIP little guy.
The following weekend Zach and I witnessed a tragic boating accident while night fishing with our friend Mitch. Another sobering reminder that we were no longer on our happy little cruise. The next day I decided to go ahead with my planned trip to Micanopy with Cally and Colleen. I figured it was better to get out of the house than to stay in and ponder the events of the night before. Micanopy is a super cute little town and it's also about 18 miles away from a Trader Joes. Cally, Colleen, and I wandered around the tiny town in search of treasures. We enjoyed lunch (and ice cream) in front of an adorable cafe right in the middle of town. So fun and so nice to spend some time with my lovely friends.

Our first stop was so fun!

Cally purchased her very own Ukulele. I just tried one out (for pictures).

We found a dog that looks just like Scout!

Dad should build this.
We had a wonderful relaxing day. Now I am nannying and this weekend is KAG Dubs! I am sooo excited! 

Love you.