Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Before leaving New Joysee we wanted to see one last show in the Big City. We didn't win the Wicked Lottery but we were able to walk around the block and buy student rush tickets for Jersey Boys. We loved the show and had a blast. 

Last picture in Times Square for a while. 

So close. A little too close.

Zach fell asleep immediately.
Right when we moved back to Florida Dad and I were supposed to take a motorcycle ride up to Alabama for a family reunion. We ended up having to take the truck because it was supposed to rain all along the trip. It did end up raining, but we still missed the motorcycle. Still a wonderful time with Dad! 

We have officially lived in Saint Augustine for a month! Here are a few shots of the house thus far. Definitely still a work in progress but I am happy that curtains are hung and some art is up! 

"Office" Room of Games

Living Room.

I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased two of these to hold my necklaces.

Guest room is still not quite ready to be seen. But here's a rug I stenciled!  

Just like the last place we lived in I will be moving everything around until it's juuuust right. So fun! There you have it (Katie). 

Love you all! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hi Katie.

  No blogging in over a month. I know. How rude?

 Well folks, over here at the Grant household life has been quite busy. I have learned first hand that I am in no doubt my fathers daughter. Even though I might find myself in a state of complete exhaustion my feet mindlessly lead me to another project. I have made curtains for five windows, hung curtains that we already had on the other four windows, hung metal trees above my dresser for necklace holders, purchased crates for the future project of "bedside tables", replaced the shower head with one that doesn't feel like, "Chinese water torture--thanks Cally," re-attached our bed parts--broke during the move, stenciled a rug so that it looks WAY better, stenciled a little curtain that hangs on the back of our front door so we can be certain no one is peering in even when we aren't looking, and planned more projects. woooweeee

 Since we have moved back to good ol Saint A Zach has been working part time with YoungLife AND he landed an adjunct teaching job at Flagler! I fully decorated the house--obviously my main priority--but I have also been nannying for a lovely family in Lincolnville. Tuesday through Friday. 11-4. Pretty sweet deal. Even if I do come home smelling like baby spittle. I register for classes on August 8th. Classes begin August 20th. I am super pumped to start classes. One more step towards graduating. . . .well you know, and applying. Saint Augustine has already been such a blessing. We love being able to be so close to family and some of the friends that we have missed so much. This also means that we have been very busy hanging out with said friends and meeting new ones! We are very excited to see what adventures come from our time here in Saint Augustine. We have already floated down Ginnie Springs and the lake house is in 2 weeks! 

In response to a dear friends request, I am posting this blog so that when she checks to see if it has been updated she will find a happy surprise. Seattle is too far away. Do not fear, pictures will be posted within the next couple of days. And yes, I do know that pictures are the best part of any blog, too bad. 

Still love you all. . . .now I only miss the ones that don't live in the South.