Sunday, September 18, 2011

I talk about food a lot in this post.

Where to start? I have had a wonderful past few weeks. The other weekend I took the train into NYC to be reunited with fantastic friends from high school. My good friend Katie Meehan is getting hitched in November and the other weekend we celebrated her bachelorette party. We all had a wonderful time. Even though I hadn't seen some of the lovely ladies since my wedding (almost three years ago--what?!) it really was as if we had never parted ways. When I finally arrived at Meg's apartment we couldn't stop updating each other. Which meant we were running too late to follow the original plan. . instead we headed straight to dinner. I felt a little bad for our waitress. . . right up until she just went ahead and added a %20 tip to our bill. After a delicious dinner we went---how do you say---clubbin'. The weekend included eating more, mani-pedis at one of the million salons, drinking, being a bit hungover, more food, a lingerie shower, more clubs, more taxis, laughing, dancing, drinking, catching up, etc. We had a wonderful time. (sigh) I love good friends. 

Immediately after I got off the train from NYC in Princeton. . .Zach and I headed to Saint Augustine. In our car. Sixteen hours later we were there. I spent the first day with my lovely friend Jenni. It was wonderful to be able to sit there, enjoy the sun, listen to the waves, and catch up with such a great gal. We relaxed at the beach for a couple hours and then met up with Dani and J-9 at Stir It Up. Oh how I miss that place. In fact I miss a lot of restaurants in Saint Augustine. Here are a few that we ate at while in Florida. Food is a big part of visiting Saint A.

The rest of the week included catching up with our lovely and very much missed friends, eating, and going to the beach. The week was perfect. Zach and I stayed with Cally, J-9, and Dani. They had a cozy spot waiting for us when we got there. They had to work during the week days but we got to hang out with them at night. Boo work. On one of our last days there Jenni, Cally, Dani, and I purchased bright tubes and played in the water. It was amazing and probably one of my favorite moments in the past year. 

Here's a little video. . .not sure if I knew whether or not the camera was on. . .

Our last night there we went out to dinner at a yummy new place and then played games and had a jumping contest?


After a wonderful church service at First United Methodist we ate lunch at Sonnys (the usual) and then headed back to Princeton. Zach and I could not have asked for a more perfect vacation. I can't wait until we live in Saint Augustine again. . . though I know that time is just around the corner. Right now it is 62 degrees outside, I have pumpkin muffins sitting warm on the stove-top, a cup of coffee by my side, and little Scooby sitting on my feet. Life is good. I am excited for the cooler weather and even more excited to see what the next(and last) 8 months here in Princeton have in store for us. 

Miss you and love you all.