Monday, June 27, 2011

Zach is old.

This past weekend Mr. Grant turned 25! I took off Monday so that we would be able to have one more day of extended fun. Which is what we did. Friday evening I prepared Zachs Annual Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Batman style of course. It ended up being kinda sloppy but the goal is to see Batman in the end. . . and batman was all over that pie. Plus the pie was bangin. Then we watched some Harry Potter. --side note---our neighbors own every Harry Potter movie and book. They also gave us the option of wearing Harry Potter attire while watching/reading. They said they were kidding about the clothes. . . .but I don't believe them. I am convinced they are using their linen closet as a Harry Potter dressing room/shrine. Awesome.

Moving on. . .Saturday morning we woke up and headed to Hamilton for Bad Teacher. Given our luck with movies we expected to be surrounded by annoying people. Which is what happened. Like never before. The women---all 5 of them--- were yelling and making comments throughout the whole movie. It was insane. They might have been insane. Afterwards we headed to Cranbury for The Book Worm. We were in search of 2 books for Zach. No luck, but always a treat. Also Zach got a Dr. Pepper ICEE. If you know Zach, then you know this is a big deal. We went home and relaxed a bit then headed out to dinner. Zach's criteria consisted of a place where he could eat a burger that included bacon. So we headed to Winberies and had an amazing meal. yum yum. After dinner we decided to have another go at the movies. So we watched Green Lantern. So good and no annoying people. Wonderful. Sunday we headed to Atlantic City! Definitely pretty nasty area. I mean it just looks really run down and ghetto. The boardwalk looks cool. . . but definitely a sketchy place. We hung out mostly in the casino, pool, and the beach. Since we were new players at the Casino we were each given $25 slot cards. Which was awesome! I made $25 back in cash. Very exciting. After the slots we headed over to the tables where Zach joined a table of college age people. They were a lot of fun and the dealer, Kimmy, was a blast and super helpful. Zach managed to win $75 on top of what he bet while I enjoyed the drinks. In the end we walked away with $50. It was a lot of fun.

Oh yeah! We ate dinner at this A-MAZ-ING place called the Knife and Fork. Our food was delicious and the place was beautiful. Sooo great.

We had a wonderful weekend. So yay for good times.

In other news. . .here are some pictures from our farmshare. Either me and Zach or our neighbors (the ones who love Harry Potter A.K.A. the Womacks) go every Thursday to pick up our delicious fresh goodies. It's a lot of fun to go there and pick your own herbs and peas. And then everything else is already bunched up for you. So easy.
Wonderful last few days. ALSO, Cally and Josh are coming to visit us sooo soon! Phase 10? Heck yes we will (please guys?)

Love you and miss you all.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Whole Month? Really?

A month:

Rhode Island. So nice, wonderful, relaxing. . . .

Antique shop in R.I. contained this marvelous wall of old cameras. So good.

Our favorite goat at the Big Red Barn Antique Shop Place.

The handiwork of one of our dear patients.

I'mnotevengonnalie. . . .This month has been exhausting. I know there is some small part of me that is actually happy to be living in good ol' New Joysee. . .but I am pretty sure that living here in the Summer shrinks that positive part of me and hides it somewhere that is very hard to find. Tough times these days. Certainly not all days, but some days. I am lucky/blessed/happy to have such a wonderful person to get me through those days.

Plus, racquetball, Rita's, walks whilst on the phone with friends who live far away, date nights, skirts, Westerly Road Church services, kitties, moments at work when we all start laughing about something inappropriate, thinking about the future, and good friends keep me pretty happy most of the time. Sotheresalsothat.

Miss you and love you all.