Wednesday, December 12, 2012


In under a month Zach and I will be celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary! That's so crazy. The other night we were talking about how long we have been married and Zach said, "We're almost to the seven year itch. . .and I'm not even the tiniest bit itchy."

I love him.

Also, I turned in my application for University of Saint Augustine today. Booya!

Love you.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Our memories are fleeting. Oxymoron? Well some are. 

For example, we are currently under a bit of stress. Just a month ago Zach and I both felt like everything was being taken care of and our jobs were enough and my classes were fine and everyone was happy. But then all of a sudden I find we are both going crazy. Though I could speak of Zachs stressors, I know I shouldn't considering this is such a public space and he might not be too comfortable with that. So I will stick with my own. 

If you have read past blog posts you are well aware that I loathe the education system (for the most part) and have just recently found that long-lost Physics class--in NJ of all places. . .and after a small fortune was spent on registering for the class, we still have to shell out for an at home lab kit. Yep. 

Money. Always such a joyful topic. Less then a month ago Zach and I were in such a comfortable place. Money to cover our cost of living (bills, groceries, etc) and even a little bit extra for fun. Then life school happened plus the casual unforeseen costs of random life things. So stressful! What's good about this is---well no----nothing is good about this----what HELPS during this time is being married to Zach. We have each other, so we are able to take turns being stressed. Today it is my turn. And man do I feel it. The other day it was his turn, and I was there to positively say, "It's ok, Love. Everything is going to be just fine," which is what Zach said to me today. And that's the thing, we both know that it all will be, in fact, just fine. 

Ya know what also helps? Being a Christian. It's times like this when I find myself truly relying on prayer and its calming effects. Now don't go and picture me in a glowy room incessantly praying, all peaceful and warm. That's not how it is. My prayer time is typically found on my drive to school. Normally out loud and maybe a bit sarcastic, yet hopeful. I know without a doubt in my mind that Zach and I are being cared for by a most amazing and constant God. 

Where was I? Oh yes, memories. I was just looking over what money we should have coming in soon and I realize that in less then ten days we will be back in that happy place. Or at least some version of it.  But when we are stressed we feel like that horrible feeling is never going away. It's hard to see things in  a big picture sorta way. 

If this blog post has caught you off guard, sorry. I do realize that it is a bit taboo for me to discuss money (gasp) and religion (GASP) in a post instead of our cute kitties and our romantic life full of happiness. . . but well. . . I don't care.

Love you all. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hold it together.

Lately I feel like everything I try to do pertaining to the world of education is a pain in the rump. Well, mainly just trying to find a Physics class that I can take in the Spring so I can apply DECEMBER 15th to University of Saint A. I think I might have finally found one but I just don't understand why everything has to be soooo incredibly complicated. Seriously. I mean I have been trying for weeks to get into or even find a Physics class. I was either not able to apply because I wasn't a "degree seeking" student or because I didn't have the EXACT math pre-reqs (I have College Algebra and Business Calc) but then today God graced me with a nice little lady in the Counseling Department at SJRSC. I broke down in her office (if you know me at all this should not come as a surprise, I tend to break down when I am frustrated/flustered/or have disappointed someone). I then said, "Sorry, you are just going to have to be ok with this *motioning to my face* because I'm just flustered and going a little crazy right now over this whole finding a Physics class thing." She just nodded her head in a sympathetic way--apparently a lot of students must do the exact same thing. Anyways, she directed me towards St. Leo University---the SJRSC campus just happens to house an office for St. Leo University so I just walked right over there. In under 5 minutes a very nice gentleman told me there was a Physics class offered online and I could take it! Badda-Bing-Badda-Boom. Now I am just waiting on the approval from Saint Augustine University--to make sure I don't take a class they don't accept. **While typing this out I got an email approving the class--woot woot!**

*Sigh of relief for now*

No matter how stressed I feel at times, the coziness of my living room seems to make everything ok. 

Yes, we even have 5 whole Christmas presents under that tree all ready! Sitting in the living room with a cup of Aveda's Comforting tea, listening to Ella Fitzgerald Christmas on the record player with the aroma of Yankee Candles White Christmas in the air is perfection. 

Pray for my continued sanity and for those lovely ladies who are writing my reference letters! 

Love you all!

Side note: Notice a lack of pictures? My camera died and it's replacement charger is on the way. Clearly I would have taken way more pictures of the coziness of my house. . .but my macbook can only do so much.

**UPDATE** Turns out that "gentleman" didn't know jack about what classes were available. The Physics class he told me I could take was only offered in Tampa. Screw you, guy. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Busy Bee

These past few weeks have been quite crazy. Let's see, lot's of school work, multiple quizes and tests, one wedding, one baby shower, one wedding shower, one concert, two trips to Tampa. . . 

All the while I have been having a lot of fun and feeling a little overwhelmed. Note: *I will take being overwhelmed over boredom any day. 

And now here are some random pictures:

Don't worry, Jenni made it,

Ya know. . .dancing at the concert

Hyde Park Art Festival: 

Rocky Horror Show:

Charlotte and Wes get hitched! Such an amazingly sweet wedding. I love her!
All of the guests sang Amazing Grace while Charlotte walked down the aisle.

It seemed like Wes was trying so hard to wait until Charlotte was at the aisle to  look at her.

This week has been pretty low key. Made some curtains for the Youth room, Monday Night Movie Night at the McNeals, Tuesday Night DinDin with some friends, only one quiz and it was already on Monday! Oh yeah--and I voted. Did you?

Hope all is well. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Date Night, Punkin Carvin, Painting

This past week(?) had been quite lovely. Baby J (lil' babe I sit for) was a delight, my Bone Practical was finished on Monday so I didn't have anything crazy to study for, and I got to go on not one but TWO dates with my Love.  Oh, and today I got to paint something for a wonderful girl who wanted to BUY a painting from me. A-mazing. At some point in time Zach picked up two quite great pumpkins from the Pumpkin Church and I carved the big one. I love carving the pumpkin and I also love baking the seeds! 

Monday night, our weekly date night, we went to The Floridian. I absolutely loved it. We took our time and ordered amazingly delicious food and it was wonderful. The other date night was going out to J.P. Henleys and ordering beer and sandwiches. Yum. I only have pictures from the Floridian. . .so enjoy.

This is the church where Zach works!

The Floridian is amazing inside.
In other news. Today I painted a picture for a lovely lady, Toni. She requested a painting of her dog. I had a lot of fun painting it, but I was a little nervous at first because I never paint realistic things (anything with a face that doesn't involve a line for a mouth and a little circle for the eye). Here's the outcome:

The pup, Ellie.

Step 1: Pencil drawing & outside paint.


Bottom of a plate for paint.
 I actually like the end result a lot. I also liked using a cold plate to hold the paint. I shall use this trick again. Hope Toni likes it! Now time to go play games with friends. 

Miss you and love you all. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Yesterday, lots of babies came into this world. . .

But I am mainly concerned about just one. Little Benjamin Carson came into the world last night around 10:30 and everyone is doing just fine. He is welcomed into this world by a wonderful family including his big brother, Elias who is almost 1! Here is a precious picture of the two on the day they were each born. 

 Gotta love babies! 

Miss you and love you all!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bone Practical in T-1.5 hours

Hi there. I feel like I should be studying for this bone practical, but I more so feel like I should give my brain a break until it's time to spew out all the information. So I shall blog. 

Last weekend I spent the majority of the time working on invites for my friend, Deborah's baby shower! I spent most of the time on a completely different idea. I didn't like it in the end so I started all over again and finished this little guy in about an hour. This is what I ended up with:

 Me, Mattie, and Cally have started a new Thursday night tradition. And by "tradition" I mean that we have done this like 3 weeks in a row so seems like I can call it a tradition.  Every Thursday night Cally and I meet Mattie downtown after she gets off work at 9:30. We go to a bar for cheap drinks, walk around, maybe even order some food. It's always a good time.
Before Cally found us.

After Cally found us.
Yesterday I took a study break and decided I need to paint something. Of course this desire came on after gawking at Pinterest for an hour a little bit. I added an old painting and a new painting to the hall!

Love these two.

In other news, we found our missing hermit crab! The other morning I found him scaling the back of our toaster oven! I heard a weird noise from the other room and I went to investigate. When I realized the noise was coming from the toaster oven I was slightly afraid I was going to find a half cooked hermit crab trying to escape his dilapidated shell. Ech. But he's just fine! I replaced the dirt in his terrarium--ya know--since his old roommate was found dead beneath the surface. He seems happy, but he is constantly trying to escape. 

Miss you and love you all!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Surprises are the best.

Yesterday, my dear friend Nicole received her package. She loved it! I know this because she recorded herself opening it! So fun! Now I get to show you what I included in the package! An owl bowl, Owl earrings, AND (my favorite) a cute magnet to put on her refrigerator! After painting the little welcome sign for my wreath I had another leftover piece of wood. So I just decided to paint it blue and put some birds on it with a cute quote. Add the magnets to the back and you have a wonderful little gift! Ta-Dah!

It's my favorite so here's another picture:

Plus, I had such a wonderful crafty time with Dani!

Now Zach and I are going to go out and get some tacos from a little place on St. George Street. We are trying not to spend money so we can add some to our savings, but we decided preparing tacos for 2 people is just as expensive as eating tacos from a restaurant. 

Here we go!

Miss you and love you!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturdays rock my world.

Today was a wonderful day. I wanted to blog about it and I know tomorrow I'm doing nothing but going to church and studying, so if it's going to happen it has to be right now. At 12:40 am. Awesome. This morning Zach and I woke up and decided to walk downtown to get breakfast. It was a wonderful day to take a walk. By wonderful I mean that it wasn't raining, it was still pretty hot. Don't worry, I took my camera along. 

Look at these pretties growing in front of our house!

West King has so much character. And it's growing!

Zach and I had dinner on this street the other night. Lovely.

Oh hey there, Bridge of Lions. How you doin?

So happy. About to eat some Schmagels.
 After our walk I printed out coupons and then headed off to Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I had been wanting to make a Fall wreath for a while and today was the day! I gathered my supplies and then headed home. The other day I had found an idea that I thought I could do (successfully) without spending too much money. Clearly mine is a bit different, but I did use their burlap idea! All in all the wreath cost me under $15. It would have been a lot less but I was out of glue sticks, which was the most expensive item on my list! Tah-dah! I actually am quite proud of it, but after looking at this picture I might move the bow up a bit. 

I still really like it. Dani-Pants came over and joined me while I was still working on it. She worked on something for her job while I continued to get gold glitter everywhere. I also worked on a gift for my lovely friend, Nicole. I clearly can't post a picture of it until she gets it in the mail. Dani and I also watched He's Just Not That Into You while we crafted, such a good movie. I also made a batch of delicious cookies tonight. Now it's time for bed so I can actually wake up and get to church in the morning. Goodnight!

Miss you and love you all!