Monday, December 12, 2011

Birthday week was awesome.

Once upon a time I lived with three other girls who every year, without fail, made my birthday something exciting. Whether it was confetti everywhere or giant homemade signs exclaiming their love and excitement for me. . . .it was always awesome. Therefore, Zach had some big shoes to fill. And this year, he did an amazing job. I mean last year he did a great job too but this year, this year was just amazing. The morning of my birthday I woke up to streamers all throughout the house. It's funny how something so simple can make my heart get all giddy. He even had a little fun birthday tiara. . . I didn't wear it, but it was so cute! Kudos Zach. An hour later I had to go to work. My coworkers made sure to make my day at work fun. They all pitched in and surprised me with bagels (homemade veggie cream cheese--favorite--) for breakfast, a delicious chocolate raspberry cake, balloons to mark my chair, and a Starbucks gift card. It was a wonderful day. That evening Zach and I stayed in and enjoyed eachothers company. We ordered in from Naked Pizza (delicious) and then opened presents. Zach surprised me with a few fun gifts but also informed me that, ". . .the real gifts are in the mail. . ." He also got me my favorite, a giant cookie cake! yummmm Oh Love-O-Mine. I heart you. ALSO---Cally and Dani managed to deliver a dozen cupcakes from the House of Cupcakes in Princeton. Thank you! Delicious!

The next evening Zach and I got all dressed up and went out to dinner with the McNeals. I love Salt Creek Grille. The atmosphere is so cozy and warm but also fancy. The food is delicious. There is always someone singing jazz or some type of really cool sounding music. Le sigh, it's so good. Plus, on your birthday they send you a really good coupon. :) Needless to say we all had a wonderful night. The McNeals surprised me with a yummy Anthro candle and some very pretty matches. I love candles. And the McNeals. 


Friday night was. . . well. . . .cray-cray. I requested that everyone came dressed in their PJ's. Which everyone did. Made me so happy! We were all so comfortable. That night we played I don't know how many games. Three Round Charades, Guesstures, Telephone Pictionary, and a couple rounds of Kings Cup. I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed so dang hard. I miss my friends from Florida, but I know that I am going to miss my friends from Princeton sooo much when we leave here (Yay McNeals for moving to Saint A! Dontyoudarechangeyourmind). So so fun. 

Katie made brownies. She also accidentally blew out some of the
candles because she was laughing/singing so hard. 
So many pictures. So little time. 
The Ackerhol spread.
Food Spread
 Birthday week was an extreme success. I love our family and friends. We are truly blessed. Our good friends, the Hedges, surprised me with a gingerbread house kit. I was so excited to make it. After I finally got the house cleaned up from that wild-and-crazy-night I sat down in front of an ABC Family movie and put that sucker together. I loved it. I plan on making it a tradition every year. Clearly not baking the pieces, just buying different kits. Yum and cute. 

Gingerbread house spread.
Miss you and love you all. Be on the lookout for your Christmas card !

Friday, December 2, 2011

White Lightening

My husband has a fantastic beard. It's one of those beards that constantly looks full and lumberjacky. He is proud of it and, quite honestly, so am I. Yes, it does have it's ups and downs. Down: When he decides it's time to have a baby smooth face it doesn't last long. He shaves in the morning, then by noon there's a whole new beard there! Super power? Possibly. Up: (Besides the aforementioned lumberjackiness) His face is a palette for numerous (comical) illustrations. See below:

I know I know. . .sexy beast.
With this talent in mind, every year the Seminary has put on a "Burt Reynolds" mustache contest, and every year Zach has been unable to participate. EXCEPT FOR THIS YEARRRRR!!
This year Zach knew all about it and he was going to be on campus that day. Everything fell right into place. So with buzzer in hand Zach prepared the award winning design, White Lightening



Needless to say, Zach won the "Burt Reynolds" contest. I am very proud. 

I also can't wait until his beard is back to normal again. 

Miss you and love you all!