Tuesday, August 28, 2012

God is good.

Life lately has been quite lovely. God has been very very good. I am in my second week of classes and still very much enjoying it. Today we looked at some skin cells under a microscope, it was so fun! My professor is quite the character. He really knows how to engage his students and also manages to make us laugh. 

Lately I have found that I do actually have some extra time on my hands so I have been looking for a part-time job. No luck on that yet, but I just started looking today. Last Friday was the most beautiful day in Saint Augustine thus far. It just happend to be a Friday, on which I have no classes! So I headed over to Vilano Beach and enjoyed The Forgotten Garden while basking in the sun. 

Definitely a good read.

I also drove to Vilano Pier to walk around. I had never been there. I was so surprised at how pretty it was! You should definitely visit.

This little guy is at the beginning of the pier.

The weather was too good to keep the windows shut. Despite not having screens, I decided the kitties would just have to be smart and not get run over if they decided to jump out the window. They contemplated it a bit before taking the leap and then immediately running in through the front door. 

Apparently at some point in time Chee-Chee-Mon jumped out of a window. Zach and I shut all the windows and left the house for a bit. I didn't notice he was gone until later that night. I was a bit worried and Scooby was just so sad. Chee-Chee-Mon did decide to come back home later that night. Scooby was quite cuddly when Cheech returned. They love each other. 

Project show time! A couple weeks ago I made this shelf to put above the toilet. You like?

I also took a leap of financial faith and purchased a MacBook Pro. Iknow-whatabiggirl. My old laptop actually still runs. You just can't take it anywhere and the top is kinda disconnected from the bottom. It lasted a good 4 years. 

So anyways, since I had a brand spankin' new computer I had to make a case for it since I obviously wasn't going to crank out the $35+ for a cute one. Here is the result. It's not done, but I have to take the super heavy sewing machine down from the top of the closet to finish it so this is how will look for probably the next year.

I also needed to get a side table for Zach's side of the bed. Why are they so expensive?! Even on Craigslist! I decided to purchase two craft crates from Michaels instead! The plan was to stain them both olive green and mount them on the wall. I decided it would be way easier to stack them in a cool way and not stain them. Ta-dah!

That's all the projects for now. I made some shelves out of old drawers for above Zachs dresser, but no good pictures yet. Oh yeah! And I installed 2 shelves in the guest room, not cute enough to show yet! 

One afternoon Colleen and I went to the St. Augustine Flea Market together. I had so much fun. It was crazy to see how much money some people wanted for their stuff. Those people had obviously completely forgotten they were selling at a flea market. Sillies. Anywho, I went with $20. My purchases: a soda, BLT, mint plant, basil plant, some type of potted flower that I forget the name of, and a pretty dark purple potted plant--also forgot the name. I was super excited! Did I mention the lady that sold me the plants informed me that she drank/ate/bathed in AND brushed her teeth with Diatomaceous Earth? Because she does. Her skin did look really good. But I'm still skeptical considering I use it to kill fleas.  

Pretty flowers on the front porch.
Another reason why I love living back in Saint Augustine: I love playing beach volleyball. We played tonight and the other night. So fun! Plus tonight we were able to stay out after it got dark because someone showed us how to turn on the lights. It was so great! It was raining both times we played and last time there was a wonderful rainbow!

Also! Zach found out today that he is going to be the Youth Minister at Grace United Methodist Church here in Saint Augustine! Such a huge blessing! I am very excited for him. He also starts teaching class at Flagler tomorrow! So he's working for YoungLife, teaches Religions of the World at Flagler, and is now the new Youth Pastor at a local church. It's crazy how all the things we talked about in Princeton are actually coming to fruition. What a great guy. Ilovehim. These past few months have very much humbled me. I have had to really rely on God to make sure that everything is really going to be just fine. And it is. 

Miss you and love you all!

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Farmland

Hi there. This past weekend I traveled on over to Monticello, FL to spend some time with (part of) my family. We celebrated some August birthdays and had such a wonderful time. Friday night Chase and I shot some guns in the field. 

Old picture, but you get the idea. I realize that when my father sees this picture I will immediately get reprimanded for having my finger on the trigger. Sorry, Pops. 

Saturday Grandmother, Cathy, and I drove to Thomasville, GA to wander around the streets. We enjoyed an amazingly delicious lunch at Jonah's Fish & Grits. Cathy and I shared shrimp & grits, grouper chowder, and the house salad. If you are ever within an hour of this place you should go there. It was nomnom. After wandering around a bit more we headed home. That afternoon I worked on/cleaned the car while Dad and Chase tried to bring the riding mower back to life. Chase won some money from Uncle Ken. Ken bet Chase he couldn't throw an acorn into a beer bottle in under a 100 throws. He did it twice. Dinner was also delicious and funny. I love my family and weekends at the farm make my soul happy. 

Also, if you are looking for a good book you should check out Winter Garden. I no longer have a copy because I gave it back to Cathy but it was a great read. Very sad but oh-so-good. Now I am off to make some coffee then go buy some books for school!!! I am so beyond excited to get started on this whole next chapter in our lives. Yay!

Talk to you soon.