Sunday, April 24, 2011

Zach Has a Sweet Easter Shirt--Thanks Kevin.

Today I woke up to a beautiful Easter Sunday. Zach and I were supposed to go to the Sunrise Service because he had to go to Hunterdon County during normal-time-church. Obviously that didn't happen. Thankfully at 9am (the time Zach was supposed to be getting up anyways) I got a call from our good friends the Hedges asking me if I would be interested in going to church with them. So I attended Westerly Road Church in Princeton and it was wonderful. I absolutely loved the pastor. He had the enthusiasm of a Southern Baptist preacher (minus the sweating red face and sometimes slightly scariness). He spoke with confidence---but like friendly I'm interested in what I have to say and you should be too confidence. I liked it a lot and I plan on going again.
The rest of my Easter Sunday was spent relaxing, doing laundry, reading in the hammock with Scooby, and more relaxing. Zach came back home around 4:30, ate some din din, then headed off to the CN center (the place where he goes to study and write papers) where I assume he will be until at least noon tomorrow because that is when he paper is due.

Because the Monday after Easter is basically Finals-Day-of-Doom for all students we had our Easter Dinner Saturday night. It was lovely. The festivities were held in our apartment. I made a ham, mac n' cheese, and green beans. The McNeals brought deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, and an Easter shirt for Zach, and the Hedges brought cute little baby Autumn--who is now a toddler, a salad, and amazing home-made rolls. Probably the best dinner rolls I have ever had. All the food was delicious and the company was even better.

Happy Easter. We miss you and love you all.

~~Also. . .. more than half of these pictures came from Rae's awesome camera. Thanks Rae~~

Monday, April 18, 2011

Poka Face,

First off, lately the weather has been crazy here! Freezing cold one day with snow-producing looking clouds, thundering and lightening on day two, then day three brings a nice warm sunny day. One thing that I have learned about living in New Jersey: People who live here have absolutely no idea what the weather should be like. There are no averages. Every time the weather is talked about someone says, "Yeah it's never like this." Crazy liar.

Anyways. . . .

We have found a new favorite activity! And by, "new" I mean it's not new at all it's just something we haven't done in a while but something that we like to do because it's so fun. POKER! I went to Target Friday night to get stupid Urinary Tract Healthy-Overly-Expensive-Why-Am-I-Doing-This cat food and some play-doh because the plan was to play Cranium and I was tired of skipping the sculpturades questions. . . . . but INSTEAD!!.. . . . .I bought a poker chip set! Then went to Joe Canals Liquor Store to get some essentials for a serious poker night. I headed over to the McNeals and we made drinks and laughed sooo hard. We played Tic-Tac-Toe, Texas Hold 'Em, Cat & the Fiddler on a Tin Roof (Kevin made that one up) and perhaps some others that I forgot. Everyone had a lot of fun. We didn't bet with money because Zach is the only one who actually really knew how to play. One day. Baby Steps.

Poka (If you say Poker you have to take a shot---it's a Rule!) Faces:

Also if you went in the hole you had to take a shot. I am proud to say (especially since I had to work Saturday morning) that I never had to take a shot! Saturday was super rainy. However I did go with Kevin to watch Scream 4. That's right. You might have felt the need to re-read that last sentence, but it was actually pretty entertaining. I jumped quite a few times and a bunch of people screamed which makes me laugh. Also it was super cheesy at times. But no more than Scream 1, 2, and 3.

Sunday was relaxing. I cleaned, made chocolate chip cookies with homemade ganache in the middle, read my Real Simple magazine, and watched a couple movies (yeah a couple--get off my back).

Last night Zach and I played H-O-R-S-E. I love this game because it gives me a chance to make Zach shoot from really far back. I can make those shots, but get me real close to the net and I might as well have no arms (sorry if that offends you). THEN WE FLEW A TRICK KITE!!!
Sooooo fun! The kites at the top right if you happen to doubt our abilities. . .

. . .also there's a good chance I crashed it into one of like 4 trees in the field . . . .

. . .no big deal. . . we bent the tree branch down and then Zach ninja-attacked it. . .

Our kitties are doing just fine. Lately they have enjoyed sharing the flower box. Or shall I call it the "Cat lounging box" because they flatten anything that grows there!

Yay for good times, love, and laughing so dang hard. . .

We love you and miss you all.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recently. . .

I have been working and Zach has been doing a lot of school work. So boo on that. However, tonight was a different story. Well and so was last night.

Last night my friend Ruth came over and we sipped on chocolate wine (which actually tastes like a chocolate martini) while we watched Burlesque. So entertaining.

---today I worked ---

Tonight Zach and I grabbed dinner at delicious Olives in Princeton and then sat outside and enjoyed the A-MAZ-ING weather and eachother. It was wonderful and very much needed. Afterwards we walked to the coolest toy store ever. JAZAMS. Plus, we got a perfect parking spot.

Now Mr. Grant is off to play basketball and I am about to enjoy my Real Simple magazine--courtesy of Mrs. Rae McNeal. Then it's time for Grey's Anatomy. Wonderful.

Also, here's this picture. . . .