Friday, May 18, 2012

Guess what. . .

Zach graduates TOMORROW! Then it's only ONE MORE MONTH until we move back to Saint Augustine and start a new chapter in our life together. So fun. So exciting. 

Love you and miss you all.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sinko Day Mayonnaise

 Hi there. Let's just dive in shall we? A while ago one of my coworkers, Mary, gave me a ton of art supplies that her father left to her. Both of her parents passed away way before their time and she was left with a lot of things she had no use for. Then she found out that I loved to paint and draw and do creative things so she let me have the art supplies. It was extremely generous and thoughtful of her. In return I would make something for her. I always get nervous about making things for other people because I want the end result to be so good and I don't want them to be disappointed, etc. So it took me a couple of months to get something on paper. I painted one thing, then decided it was too bright and playful. . .or something. It wasn't right. Then I decided it would be nice if I was able to draw/paint a picture of her with her parents. So that's what I did. Just in case she secretly thought it was too weird or whatever I also painted her some flowers. 

 This past week Zach and I have been dog sitting for our good friends the McNeals. Little Clancy has been a lot of fun to have around. Scooby and Clancy have so much fun together. And by that I mean Scooby loves to rub up against Clancy while he just stands really still hoping that Scooby will just leave him alone. Scooby just wants to cuddle. 

Scooby loves Clancy

Autumn also loves Clancy.
Zach and I saw The Avengers on Saturday morning. The theater was insanely packed for a Saturday morning. The movie was so amazing. Everyone should go see it, immediately. Saturday night it was time to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! Katie and I went to a thrift store to find some costumes. I ended up finding the one (mini) sombrero left and Katie ended up with a skirt and some sweet boots. That night we headed over to our friends and had such a fun time. I love guacamole and corn salsa more and more everyday. 
Zach was the best Mexican.

I let him wear my "Sombrero".

Wild n crazy seminary party!

Katie didn't like somesing. . . . 

. . . but now she's the happiest. She borrowed Kurts "Poncho"

"Look Mexican."

We had a blast last night. I wish our friends were available to hang out every single night so we could party year round. Today we slept in and then I ran some errands to pick up some craft supplies! One of my coworkers asked me if I knew about Chan Luu bracelets. I had seen them but I didn't know the fancy label name and I also didn't realize how dang expensive they were! But I did like them so I decided to make one! 

I really like the way it turned out and I think I am going to make another one with smaller beads. So easy and so cheap! I also had a couple of white shirts I wanted to die so for a bit, our kitchen sink looked like it was filled with blood. 

So bloody. . .  
We'll see how those turn out later. . . I have a feeling they are going to be a bit spotty because the directions said to "stir for 30 to 60 minutes" bah yeah right. 

OK well, that's all for now. 

Miss you and love you all.