Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed In!

Starbucks was closed today. We don't close on Christmas or anything like that----just when it's snowing like 80,000 feet. And that is what happend today. I exagerate a bit yes, but it did snow do dang much. In fact, it is still snowing. Zach and I made the best snowman. His name is Chester: Step one:

Step two:

Chester is born!:

He has a really great smiley face:

We are very proud of our Chester.

Then we walked around to meet all of Chester's neighborhood friends.

This is the view from our apartment. . . .

Still love you and miss you all.


  1. yay snow day! and classes canceled again for tomorrow!

  2. Holy canoli that's so much snow!!! And I like Chester...

  3. I'm so glad I can read your blog from work. Most sites are blocked but not this one! :)