Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh what a wonderful whirlwind of a weekend we just had! Thursday around 3pm Zach, Christina, and I got cozy in the car for our upcoming 15 hour drive. It was long, but we were all so incredibly excited to surprise our friends in Saint Augustine that we didn't care about the time spent driving. We spent the weekend eating at our favorite spots, relaxing at the beach, going to Cellar 6 and Stogies, and we saw Zeke in a play! Oh and laughing a ton with friends who we miss soooo dang much. It was also really great to see some of Zachs family--and my family. After this trip there is definitely a part of me that feels the need to check with Zach everyday to make sure he really really wants/needs to be up here for school. And if he does I will completely support him and make a happy little life up here in P-town. But the second he changes his mind, I will happily make all the arrangements for moving. Hopefully after this summer I will have bonded a bit more with Princeton, however, it does have extremely big shoes to fill. And now a photo montage of our trip:

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  1. Oh Kaley, lets meet asap in nowhere, virginia.. deal? Deal.

    ps. I'm missing St A more than ever now
    pss. I LOVE your snake painting