Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recently. . .

I have been working and Zach has been doing a lot of school work. So boo on that. However, tonight was a different story. Well and so was last night.

Last night my friend Ruth came over and we sipped on chocolate wine (which actually tastes like a chocolate martini) while we watched Burlesque. So entertaining.

---today I worked ---

Tonight Zach and I grabbed dinner at delicious Olives in Princeton and then sat outside and enjoyed the A-MAZ-ING weather and eachother. It was wonderful and very much needed. Afterwards we walked to the coolest toy store ever. JAZAMS. Plus, we got a perfect parking spot.

Now Mr. Grant is off to play basketball and I am about to enjoy my Real Simple magazine--courtesy of Mrs. Rae McNeal. Then it's time for Grey's Anatomy. Wonderful.

Also, here's this picture. . . .


  1. So nice to hear from you! :) I can only imagine how nice Princeton is right now!

  2. Kaley! Your blog is so wonderful! I bet princeton is gorgeous, i want to get down there so bad!

  3. awesome.picture.
    Let's see each other this weekend.
    Also, water for elephants next Friday? Please say yes.

  4. wow. what a schnozzolah! that's amazing