Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ringing Rocks

Last weekend Zach and I visit this awesome place called Ringing Rock Park. ---Which is where we found this little wormy guy.--- The park is about an hour away from Princeton, actually right around where Zach did his internship. Zach was eager for me to see the area so we finally made the trip. It was a wonderful day. We took out time exploring French Town, River Rock Park, and driving up and down the Delaware River.

The park is basically a dried up riverbed of all of these rocks. When you hit the rocks with a hammer----the hammer that you bring with you on your trip----they sounds like bells! It's pretty cool. Zach loved it. . . .I just sat there watching walk further and further out hitting rocks as he went. So happy the whole time.

That evening we headed back to Princeton and enjoyed delicious Mehek Indian food while watching a movie. A wonderful day and a wonderful night. I love my hubsband.

Miss you and love you all.


  1. I've heard of this place! I saw it on Nova or something like that. How fun. Olin saw the photo and said,"is that a drug grower holding up a psychedelic worm?"