Monday, June 13, 2011

A Whole Month? Really?

A month:

Rhode Island. So nice, wonderful, relaxing. . . .

Antique shop in R.I. contained this marvelous wall of old cameras. So good.

Our favorite goat at the Big Red Barn Antique Shop Place.

The handiwork of one of our dear patients.

I'mnotevengonnalie. . . .This month has been exhausting. I know there is some small part of me that is actually happy to be living in good ol' New Joysee. . .but I am pretty sure that living here in the Summer shrinks that positive part of me and hides it somewhere that is very hard to find. Tough times these days. Certainly not all days, but some days. I am lucky/blessed/happy to have such a wonderful person to get me through those days.

Plus, racquetball, Rita's, walks whilst on the phone with friends who live far away, date nights, skirts, Westerly Road Church services, kitties, moments at work when we all start laughing about something inappropriate, thinking about the future, and good friends keep me pretty happy most of the time. Sotheresalsothat.

Miss you and love you all.

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  1. 1. I miss you and love you too!
    2. The cabin is Hollie's parents house in Charlotte.... its pretty amazing.
    3. Where are you going on the 25th? Money is tight for us but we want to seeeee yooooooouuu!