Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tis the season. . .

And I love it sooo much. December brings warm cozy nights all snuggled together, wonderful smells, yummy treats, my birthday, nicer people, and Christmas. So good. 

Our newest additions. Thanks to Cat & Dad. 

Stockings made for my family 2 years ago. . .
I still love them and they make me think of my family.

Our wonderful cozy tree. 
I  can't wait to slowly fill that area below the tree with little gifts for the people I love. Though mostly all gifts for family members will be directly shipped. . . .so maybe I will just hope the kitties sleep under there. Which reminds me: When I was growing up, after the tree was put up and all the lights in the house were out, I would go and lie under the tree and look up into all the sparkling ornaments. I am pretty sure most people did this. It's so pretty and so simple. Perhaps I will do this tonight. Le sigh, I love this time of the year. 

Miss you and love you all. 


  1. omgoodness. i love the way your place looks. so seriously Christmas cozy.

  2. Love your Christmasy cozy house and tree! I want to try and make Brandon and me stockings this year for our house. Love you!!