Monday, June 18, 2012

Farewell P-Town

Our apartment is a mess. I like it though. It means that everything is getting put into boxes and we are one step closer to heading to Florida. Basically I have been talking about moving back to Florida for the last three years. But don't get me wrong, there are many things I am going to miss about New Joysee. To name a few:

Walking around in downtown Princeton.
Fall leaves.
Biking down the canal path with Katie.
Apple picking.
Being so close to NYC!
Taking part in the local farmshare.
Being so close to Rae and Kevin (among other great friends).
Being able to take a (cheap) train ride.
Living right across the street from Anthropologie so I can keep an eye on sales.

Among many other things.

And now a final picture of our apartment before I completely tore it apart put everything into boxes. 

Last shot of us in front of the old apartment. It's getting torn down after we leave. 

Love you and miss you all. 


  1. Somehow I "Unfollowed" your blog for about a week without even realizing it. But please don't fear - everything has been fixed now and we're all good to go.... Also...

    1. Your moving SOOOO very soon!!
    2. I like your decorating style. Your apartment is always so cute and artsy and maybe one day I'll have you decorate my place
    3. That picture of you and Zach is quite lovely.
    4. Love you!!

  2. It will be sad not to be able to walk across a field drunkenly from your apartment to home.
    I'll miss your apartment too, soooooo many good memories there.

  3. I love our NYC picture! :) So excited to have you guys back in the same state! A 5+ hour drive is MUCH more doable than a 5+ hour flight.

  4. I love your posts! It's hard to imagine somewhere as awesome as Princeton. I visited it once and fell in love, but its easy to fall in love with that area during fall. But, Florida has its perks too, for sure!