Monday, August 13, 2012

The Farmland

Hi there. This past weekend I traveled on over to Monticello, FL to spend some time with (part of) my family. We celebrated some August birthdays and had such a wonderful time. Friday night Chase and I shot some guns in the field. 

Old picture, but you get the idea. I realize that when my father sees this picture I will immediately get reprimanded for having my finger on the trigger. Sorry, Pops. 

Saturday Grandmother, Cathy, and I drove to Thomasville, GA to wander around the streets. We enjoyed an amazingly delicious lunch at Jonah's Fish & Grits. Cathy and I shared shrimp & grits, grouper chowder, and the house salad. If you are ever within an hour of this place you should go there. It was nomnom. After wandering around a bit more we headed home. That afternoon I worked on/cleaned the car while Dad and Chase tried to bring the riding mower back to life. Chase won some money from Uncle Ken. Ken bet Chase he couldn't throw an acorn into a beer bottle in under a 100 throws. He did it twice. Dinner was also delicious and funny. I love my family and weekends at the farm make my soul happy. 

Also, if you are looking for a good book you should check out Winter Garden. I no longer have a copy because I gave it back to Cathy but it was a great read. Very sad but oh-so-good. Now I am off to make some coffee then go buy some books for school!!! I am so beyond excited to get started on this whole next chapter in our lives. Yay!

Talk to you soon.


  1. I was going to say, wow Kaley, you look the exact same! :) Love you!

  2. I am also very excited for you and all your new adventures with school. I love you and I love to hear the stories of you and your family :) (Like the betting...that's just impressive!)