Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Our memories are fleeting. Oxymoron? Well some are. 

For example, we are currently under a bit of stress. Just a month ago Zach and I both felt like everything was being taken care of and our jobs were enough and my classes were fine and everyone was happy. But then all of a sudden I find we are both going crazy. Though I could speak of Zachs stressors, I know I shouldn't considering this is such a public space and he might not be too comfortable with that. So I will stick with my own. 

If you have read past blog posts you are well aware that I loathe the education system (for the most part) and have just recently found that long-lost Physics class--in NJ of all places. . .and after a small fortune was spent on registering for the class, we still have to shell out for an at home lab kit. Yep. 

Money. Always such a joyful topic. Less then a month ago Zach and I were in such a comfortable place. Money to cover our cost of living (bills, groceries, etc) and even a little bit extra for fun. Then life school happened plus the casual unforeseen costs of random life things. So stressful! What's good about this is---well no----nothing is good about this----what HELPS during this time is being married to Zach. We have each other, so we are able to take turns being stressed. Today it is my turn. And man do I feel it. The other day it was his turn, and I was there to positively say, "It's ok, Love. Everything is going to be just fine," which is what Zach said to me today. And that's the thing, we both know that it all will be, in fact, just fine. 

Ya know what also helps? Being a Christian. It's times like this when I find myself truly relying on prayer and its calming effects. Now don't go and picture me in a glowy room incessantly praying, all peaceful and warm. That's not how it is. My prayer time is typically found on my drive to school. Normally out loud and maybe a bit sarcastic, yet hopeful. I know without a doubt in my mind that Zach and I are being cared for by a most amazing and constant God. 

Where was I? Oh yes, memories. I was just looking over what money we should have coming in soon and I realize that in less then ten days we will be back in that happy place. Or at least some version of it.  But when we are stressed we feel like that horrible feeling is never going away. It's hard to see things in  a big picture sorta way. 

If this blog post has caught you off guard, sorry. I do realize that it is a bit taboo for me to discuss money (gasp) and religion (GASP) in a post instead of our cute kitties and our romantic life full of happiness. . . but well. . . I don't care.

Love you all. 


  1. I know how you feel! It seems like where money is concerned, when it rains it pours. Car problems, hospital visits, bills....the good thing is you have each other and you know it will all work out. :) Love you!

  2. I like real posts like this. Don't be worried about "taboo" things. I just like hearing what's really going on in your life! And then I can pray about it for you too :)

  3. I vote for more like this :) Money is the biggest stressor in our lives (as in- we have none) and I know how much it can suck. But you're absolutely right, it will all work out because we have a God who is so much bigger than we are and loves us immensely.
    Also, I love the bullshit cartoon.

  4. you are a dear- I'd say "this too shall pass" but I know you know that- so instead I say- you should drink a lot of wine, then a lot of water, and try to laugh as much as possible :) love you.

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  6. You are allowed to talk about religion as long as you swear in your ecard.