Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crushed red velvet jackets are favorite.

I love the holidays. I love being with my family and exchanging gifts. I love the cozy way my house feels with all of its cute decorations. I absolutely love the way my family still decorates the house in Tampa. So lovely. And well of course the food is amazing. This past holiday season was quite busy. Zach and I started off early by joining our family from Tallahassee at the Farmhouse for an early Christmas, complete with a Christmas tree. Cathy managed to decorate the house so it was Christmas cozy. Though we were only there for a weekend, I managed to feel supremely relaxed. I love the farm.

Cozy around the bonfire.

On Saturday Lucy, Sharkey (Lucy's Beau), and I headed to this super cute place called Wheelers to find some last minute gifts. The place was packed with quirky metal art. I found a red barn bird cage for Grandma and Grampa Grant and a little armadillo for Cathy. 

Zach picks up every dog.

We had a great time with family and I have Lucy to thank for taking all of the above pictures on her Iphone. After the farmhouse Zach and I headed back to Saint Augustine so Zach could be at Church Sunday morning.  At some point in time we realized we should open each others gifts so we did and it was sooo fun! My favorite gift was a fishing pole. Super surprised and so excited to go fishing!

Christmas Eve we attended Mass with Grandma and Grampa Grant and had Christmas breakfast with them and the some other Grant Family members at 2am. It was delicious and we had a surprising amount of energy. We exchanged gifts and then headed home for a hot second to pack the car, then we were off to Tampa!  I saw my childhood cat, Sylvester and decided it was time for a photo shoot. He's old and I love him. 

I had to take some pictures of the house in Tampa, these are just a few but I love how cozy and wonderful everything feels. Makes me think of growing up in this house. Oh if walls could talk. There was a point when Dad and Cat made Lucy get up on a stool to prove that a mark on the ceiling was in fact from a party a long time ago and not from her most recent shindig. So funny.

Christmas morning was so fun. I love watching people open their gifts. In fact it took a while because we all wanted to see what everyone had picked out for each other. We are all so proud of our little gifts. The rest of the family came over for our annual White Elephant gift exchange, which was hilarious. At times also frustrating--but that's a whole other post. 
The rest of the day was filled with relaxing and lounging around the house. At some point in time Cathy treated Lucy, Sharkey, Zach and I to dinner at Timpanos in Hyde Park. It was lovely. 

While we were in Tampa we also attended a wedding. My hilarious friend Joey from high school married his high school sweetheart, Courtney. They are such a great couple and I am so happy they ended up together.  I had to get a shot of Zach in his crushed red velvet jacket that I am so proud of. I had so much fun at the wedding. It was so great to be able to hang out with some of my favorites from high school. They were hilarious back then and still are now. I love my friends.

 Right after the wedding Zach and I headed back up to Saint A so he could make it to the church Sunday morning. Needless to say, I was not there. After church and a bit renegotiating space in the car we were ready for our next adventure. Josh, Zach Carson, Jayce, and my Zach packed into Jayce's car and Cally with me in my car. We all headed  back to the farm for our New Years weekend. We stopped at Cracker Barrel first obviously. So delicious. Cally and I immediately jumped on the tractor to "take care" of some brush. Dad asked us to move some branches to the bonfire pile and we decided the only way to do that was with the tractor. We joked that the ground was lava and the only safe places were the tractor and the ATV. So fun.

I am not actually a giant.
We are cowgirls.
The guys were pretty quick to get out in the field and shoot. They are the tiny specks.

Cowgirl Cally.
Zach sent out the skeet for us. 

One of my favorite spots at the farm is the hammock. So wonderful.

Dad and Cathy celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary on the 1st! Congratulations! Zach and I celebrate our 4th on the 1oth! Can't believe it's been 4 years already. That's also another post. 

Love you!


  1. You guys look sexxxaaay in that wedding picture. Who am I kidding you look sexy in all of them ;) Glad you had such a great holiday!

  2. Stephen and I were there too ya know