Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bon Voyageeee

I know. It's been a while. I have been less inclined to take my camera everywhere and take pictures because it's battery life is slim. With my old computer I just had to stick the little memory card into the slot and transfer pictures. NOW with this new fangled Mac I have to use a cord.  I know---so hard. This means that I just end up transferring pictures from facebook, and that seems super repetitive. But Ima do it. Let's see. . . . .

March 30th my cousin Tricia married a great guy, Kevin and their wedding was beautiful and a lot of fun. Zach and I danced the most we have ever probably danced at a wedding. The food was delicious. The venue was so pretty. Tricia's dress was off the hook--that's right. 

I have also finished ALL of my pre-req courses for grad school. Yay! AND I got an A in Physics which to me is basically a miracle. 

I started a new nanny job! I love it. The family is incredibly nice and easy going. I am able to run errands and take the kids to the beach. I love it.

WE HAD A GREAT GATSBY PARTY. And oh man was it so much fun. Everyone dressed up and did such a great job! Mattie and Cally did a fantastic job decorating. Kudos everyone. 

This Saturday Zach and I leave for a cruise to the Bahamas! Yayyyyy. A while back (before I got accepted into University of Saint A) I decided that it would be a good idea for Zach and I to plan a trip. Either (A) I would get accepted to USA and not have time for a vacation-trip for the next two years or (B) I would not get accepted and be very sad and need some type of trip to make me feel not-so-sad. Fortunately A happend and this Saturday we leave and I am sooooo excited. I am mainly excited that Zach gets to eat as much as he wants. Yes, we are going on a Carnival Cruise. So it's either going to be totally normal and fun or we're going to have an "adventure". Which I'm ok with. . . .I think. I prefer the first option.

Love you. Bye.