Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's quite rainy. . .

Today Zach and I got back from the farmhouse. We went for the weekend because we had a wedding reception to attend in Tallahassee. The weekend consisted of a lot of sleeping and relaxing watching T.V. I managed to ride the A.T.V. before I left.

Since we are going to be moving from our first "house" together soon. . .I figured it would be a good idea to document our place. So here are some picture of our apartment.

This is what we found the night we got back from our honeymoon. The front door is no longer decorated. . .but it was up for a while.

The arrangement is from our "dining room" table. We barely eat there. But I love the dried flowers/twigs. The
candle holders came from a little antique store in Rhode Island. I also love them.

These doohickies are from Target. . . .and then I put beads all over them. They hang on the wall next to the table. I enjoy buying things, changing them, and then putting them on my walls. Like these guys, they are baskets. . . turned into lamps.
I like it.

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