Monday, December 14, 2009


What a day! Last night the coffee brewer at Starbucks started smoking! A few fire men and smelly wires later. . . and still no coffee.

So all day today we served Americanos as a substitute for coffee (Take espresso. . .add water. . .voila!). I got only 3 evils looks! Also----I accidentally mistook one of our regulars' mom as his wife. Way awkward. After work I took little Chee-Chee-Mon to a vet in Pennington. Poor little guy has a UTI and blockage.

No good. Hopefully a couple--maybe even one?---nights of having a catheter and rest will prevent surgery. He has such a sad little raspy meow. I hope he sleeps well tonight!

You might be thinking. . "Kaley. . . what have you been crafting since those sweet stockings?" And this is what I say to you inquisitive folk, "Headbands!!!"
That's right. I had left over felt from all those stockings, a glue gun, and a headband. . .I had to do something with it all so bodda-bing-bodda-boom SWEET HEADBANDS! Here's what I have so far:

No headbands tonight though! I decided to make some homemade cookies for Zach.

He is at the beginning of his finals week in his first semester of grad school! One semester down and 5 to go! I also took this opportunity to sport my new apron. Which I very much adore.

In other news. . our Christmas tree is still pretty pretty pretty. A few other Christmas presents have found their way under our tree. Sneakies.

Perhaps you, like me, prefer the view you get from lying under the Christmas tree? Here you go:

Almost forgot, Cathy sent some Christmas presents the other day and included some of my old ornaments. To my surprise she also included a little hermit crab with New Jersey 2009 written on the bottom. We love it.

On Saturday Zach and I will be heading to Philly for some Philly Cheese steaks with the McNeals to celebrate the end of the finals. Expect a fun-filled-Philly Blog!

Love you and miss you all!


  1. ummm...what about homemade cookies for Rae? ugh I need a wife.

  2. I really really like your headbands. Very impressed with your craftiness!! Love

  3. I never understood why they complained about Americanos for the price of a coffee. People get way too serious about their Starbucks.

    Also.. I prefer Pat's to Gino's. " One Wiz Wit' "