Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Burton and Trees!

One of the best things about living in Princeton, NJ is living so dang close to N.Y.C.
It's wonderful! The Friday after Thanksgiving Zack Strait, Zach (Grant), and I went to the Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA.

It was amazing and very crowded. Batman masks, all the different skull faces from Nightmare Before Christmas, Baby Penguin carriage, the Edward Scissorhands costume, random sculptures. . .etc. . .(coolest). After walking around the city for a bit we headed down to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. The view was absolutely beautiful!

Dinner time at Grimaldi's Pizzeria!

So delicious and completely worth the wait. Originally we ordered one pizza. . . . we ended up ordering another one. . .with extra cheese. It was just as delicious as the first pizza. Even though we were very full, we couldn't not go to the oh-so-famous Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. I mean it was right next door.

It was wonderful spending time in the city and getting a chance to see all the pretty Christmas decorations before the crowds set in.

But most importantly, it was wonderful spending time with our friend Zack Strait!

In other news. .. we have a CHRISTMAS TREEEEE! Our very first one together as Mr. and Mrs. Grant! It's wonderful and perfect!

And yes, we did feel the need to pop some popcorn and make some STRINGED POPCORN!!!! Really adds a homemade touch to the little guy. So I have done this in the past. .. I think once back in Tampa. . . but I definitely failed to remember how long it takes and how tedious it is at first. But we did it!

And then we became trees!

And now for one of my favorite Christmas trees ever. . .

Happy Holidays! Love you and miss you all!

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