Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chim Chim Cheree

This past Saturday Zach and I went into NYC for Zach very first Broadway show. Mary Poppins! We had such a fantastic and relaxing day. We drove to the Staten Island Ferry and then took the subway to Times Square where we picked up our tickets from the New Amsterdam Theater.

For breakfast we headed over to Times Square Deli for some delicious bagels. I really liked this place because they had a ton of different cream cheese options. I chose Scallion. yummy. Pretty much when we were done eating it was time to head back to the theater and get to our seats. The theater was beautiful inside but they definitely wanted to pack everyone in there. I mean shoulder to shoulder knee touching the back of the chair in front of you. So that was kinda strange but somewhat expected considering it was New York. The show was so great. Our favorite part was the set. Everything was done so beautifully. They really incorporated the whole stage and theater which was really great. At one point Bert walks up the side of the stage wall, onto the ceiling (upside-down), and then down the other side. Very nice. I would definitely recommend it, especially to a family with kids.

After the show we took the subway into Greenwich village where we walked around until we met up with our friend Victor! Yayyy Victor! It was really great getting a chance to catch up with him and hear all about his New York life. The three of us headed to Tribeca Grill where our good friend Lewis works. That night he was hosting/training for waiting tables so we only got to talk to him a bit. Victors parents treated us to an amazing meal of appetizers and delicious, but strange, drinks. Victors drink had an egg yolk in it. Mine was made with ginger and orange. Our delicious yumyums included chicken liver mousse, fig essence, and of course some braised octopus. Everything was delicious. From there we said goodbye to Lewis and headed to the Cake Shop where our friend Blake works. It was really great getting a chance to see him. Plus, the place has a really cool atmosphere. I had an Irish coffee. . . .mmmmm so yummy.

Finally we headed to the subway, said goodbye to Victor, and headed to the ferry.

Love you and miss you all!

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