Sunday, July 4, 2010


This has been such a wonderful weekend, and tonight is still to come! Yay Fourth of July BBQ! Yesterday Zach and I headed to a little farmers market with the Hedges. I purchased some broccoli and Ruth went home with a whole bunch of yummy fresh goodies. Afterward we had a delicious hot dog lunch outside. The Summer here is so nice. Some days are hot, but not nearly as hot as Florida. Today our windows are closed and the AC is on. But just last week we had all the windows open and the house was so pleasantly filled with cool air and warm sunshine. That definitely would never happen in Florida. It was like a Spring Florida day. It is safe to say that experiencing a Summer in New Joysee is definitely making me more okay with spending another two years up here. Me and Joysee are bonding a bit more every day.

Moving on, Saturday afternoon Zach has a mystery date planned for me (my favorite). He took my kayaking on this canal that we live by. I have been wanting to go for a while now, so it was a wonderful surprise and the perfect day for it. Zach did like 95% of the paddling all by himself, I was just enjoying the relaxing ride sooo much! He didn't even complain when I slowed us down by dragging my feet/hands in the water. He's so sweet.

After kayaking and relaxing for a bit we went to Mediterra downtown. It was sooooo yummy. I has the beef tenderloin and Zach had a delicious steak. yumyum. It was a wonderful and very much appreciated date-night. I love my hubsband.

Love you and miss you all.

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