Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trip to Florida.

Well it's been a while. So for you 16 or so people who read my blog, I apologize, because so much fun stuff has been happening! Let's start with our new decor in the apartment. I know, get excited. Before we left for Saint Augustine we found a freakin sweet green couch on the curb, so of course, we adopted it immediately. No we did not replace our old couch because it too is awesome. So we had to rearrange everything. . . .and this is what we ended up with! Also----Zach got me pretty flowers that lasted FOREVER and while we were in Saint A we picked up some new bedding. . . ch ch ch check it out.

And now for the Fourth of July! We celebrated by eating lots of yummy food with our neighbors and friends and then lighting stuff on fire. Is there any other way? I made a yummy broccoli salad for everyone and then a star studded apple pie for Zach.

After the fourth we worked and did boring things and THEN we went to FLORIDA!!! We had so much fun! We visited friends, played games, went to the beach, went to the beach, went to the beach, went to Colleen and Hats wedding, celebrated Callys birthday, went to the movies, and ate at yummy places. So good. We shall start with a lovely group shot before the wedding. This was taken from the top of my car. . . still pretty good.

The ceremony was beautiful. It was held in front of the Barracks in Saint Augustine, right in front of the water. Colleen looked gorgeous and Hat looked, as Zach says, "Hat had a butt that just won't quit."

The reception was held inside the barracks. Very pretty. Jeff caught the garter, he always catches it. We all nibbled on yummies, danced, ate cake, and then sent the bride and groom off with sparklers.

Love you and miss you all.

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