Saturday, August 28, 2010

So So So Good.

These past few weeks have been wonderful. Besides getting a new job, and simply loving it, I have made my way to NYC, enjoyed a couple date nights, and even survived a wild safari trip. . .(Six Flags park style).

The Safari included Zach and I driving around in the good ol' Saturn on this 4 mile long road that takes you through a whole buncha different animals and their habitats. The cool/dangerous/interesting part about it was that there were no fences that kept most of the animals from getting real close to your car. Zach and I definitely thought that the rhino's were going to impale our car. . . . he looked kinda mad. It was awesome.

I have been wanting to go to NYC by myself for a while . . . so I can walk around and only be concerned with what I want to do and how fast I want to do it. So I planned to go, but then I found out that my friend Victor's (who lives in NYC) parents were going to be in town. I really wanted to see them (they are great) so I ended up spending most of the day with them. It was sooooo much fun. I also got to see Come Fly Away. Real good.

Good times had by all.

Love you and miss you.

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