Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guest Spot: Zach's Little Victories

I don’t know that this is really an account of a victory, small or otherwise, on my part or just one
of the many goofisms which comprise the overwhelming majority of my daily business. Nonetheless it
stuck out in my mind as being representative of what our life is like together. So, to set the scene, Kaley
and I went camping with the McNeals and we were sitting around roasting marshmallows over a tiny
charcoal grill. We were roasting them over a grill because fires were banned, so was swimming. This
camp ground didn’t allow camp fires or swimming. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Well, jokes on you Bass
River Camp Ground, it was.

So the rest goes like this:

Kaley: Honey, would you get me a marshmallow?

Zach: Sure. (disappears)

Kaley: blah blah blah

Kevin McNeal: Blah blah blah movies blah blah blah

Rachael McNeal: Blah blah blah my hair is red blah blah blah

Zach: (returns after some time with no marshmallow)

Kaley: Where’s my marshmallow, honey?

Zach: (puzzled with dawning realization) Oh, I was standing at the table thinking, and then I realized
there was a marshmallow in my hand. I figured I must have wanted it. So, I ate it.
True story. I would argue that it counts as a small victory because my wife has to live with stuff like that all the time, and I got a marshmallow. If you're wondering if my wife ever got her marshmallow, then you obviously don't know her or her indomitable will when it comes to getting what she wants.