Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wonderful. . . .again. . .

This past week was quite wonderful. On the 10th of January Zach and I celebrated our second anniversary! Woot woot. Zach picked me up from work with beautiful flowers. So sweet. We headed home and then got all snazzed-up for a romantic evening. We headed to Mezzaluna and had the most amazing meal ever. Complete with Lamb, Hogue wine (the same wine I had at my bridal shower), Champagne, Chocolate soufflé, creme brulee , and coffee. Soooo goooooood. It took us forever to complete out delicious meal. . . . . . which was fine with both of us. Love him!

Theeeennnnnnnnn. . . yesterday (Friday) we all went over to the McNeals for a night of games, hanging out, and laughing. So fun.

Theeeennnnnnnnnnnn on Saturday the McNeals, Zach, and I went to Jersey City for the famous Brownstone Diner. We all an amazing ---extremely---filling breakfast. Sooooooo gooooood. Even though they are famous for the extensive pancake options. . . .I couldn't help but stick with Eggs Benedict. yum.

Side note. . . it took us forever to get there because of the lack of cash and the long lengths it took to get cash for the dang Jersey Turnpike tolls. But it was fine.
After our gigantic brunch we headed to Hoboken for Carlo's Bakery. You might be thinking, "How could go get more food after eating such a huge meal?" Well, this is how, we had to get there, find parking, wait in line for an hour, then drive home, watch a bit of a movie, and THEN, not until much later, were we able to enjoy the yumminess of Carlo's Bakery. The line was long. . .but we had fun.

Here are all the things we bought. . .. 2 Lobster Tails---yes they are the best tasting morsels of goodness ever. . .2 cannolis---also delicious. . . .tiramisu---still have yet to try that one. . .and then that fruit thing that's in the collage. Not quite sure what it is but it is soooo good. This weekend was definitely a weekend of delicious foods and friends. My favorite. Oh yeah! We also saw Mary while we were in Carlo's.

I definitely thought the --very professional looking-- woman behind us was going to pee her pants from excitement. "OHMYGOSH. . .MARY. . .. Mary can I PLEASE take a picture with you, MAARY?" It was funny. Yay for friends and good times.

Love you and miss you all!

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