Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cranbury Trip

Yesterday was a fantastic day. Zach and I spent the day exploring Cranbury, NJ. It's a small town literally 25 minutes away from our home. So adorable. Especially when it's covered with snow. We had lunch at a little diner called Teddy's Luncheonette. Greasy diner food is so delicious, especially when it's stuck in the middle of an antique store and a pile of snow. My coworker told me about this store called the Bookworm. So after a bit of walking around we stopped in and got lost in the maze of books. This store is actually an old two story house in which every single room is stuffed floor to ceiling with books. It's quite amazing.

While we were walking around we came across a trail that passed by a bright red barn and led to a field of snow. It was beautiful. We only got as far as the barn. We weren't quite dressed for treading through snow. Plus, there were ice cycles that needed to be knocked down and some funny pictures we needed to take. Zach almost froze his hands off but I'm pretty sure he would say that the pain was well worth it.

After almost freezing our little fingers off we decided to stop at this cute and cozy little bakery/ lunch house. We each got a delicious beverage and a fancy dessert. Soooo good and sooo warm.

All in all, Cranbury was dang cute and gorgeous. My favorite Saturday activity is exploring the little towns that surround Princeton. Each on is so cute and has so much to offer. This town looks like something straight out of a movie. Go visit. But first come see us.

Miss you and love you all.

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  1. I felt bad for this post...there was so much work put into it and zero comments (that's always disappointing for me at least) so I wanted to show it some love. You are a great friend and I want to see you and you to meet Brandon. Ok, love you.