Sunday, March 20, 2011

This Weekend. . .

Friday night Zach and I went out for a wonderful and much needed dinner-date. We went to this cute place in Princeton called Mediterra. Afterwards we headed home and Zach whipped up a delicious homemade white sangria.

After the deliciousness was ready we headed over to the Hedges home and enjoyed a hilarious game of "Would You Rather." So fun and hilarious. . .this is a game you can truly only play with the right group of people. Saturday I walked Mr. Chief Clancy Wiggum (Rae and Kevins dog), got my hair cut, took advantage of Gaps 30% off sale and bought 2 cute shirts, and babysat little-cute-adorable-baby- Autumn. Who I didn't even get to see because she slept the whole time----she was just being a good baby. Sunday---I did laundry and watched Glee .. . .yeah that's right. I basically have done nothings---oh wait! I did cut up some vegetables and toss them in the crock pot with the corned beef I didn't use.
Semi-productive yet super relaxing weekend. Friday was by far the best part of it. Zach is currently writing a 5 page paper that is due at 5am tomorrow morning. This means that he will probably be pulling an all-nighter. He's a fan of those.

Last week I wrote my long-lost-friend Jenni a letter and drew this on the back. I liked it so I took a picture.

Oh and sometime last week Zach and I went on a walk along the canal. Pretty and cold. Wonderful.

Love you and miss you all.

Also----Megan Carson, Cally Traetto, and Josh Hagar. . . please blog again!


  1. i like you so much! and i really like the black and white "band" picture of u and zach by the canal. id buy your cd.

  2. I like you more. . .and I am way proud of you for running!

  3. hehe..... I will blog soon and I miss you! When are we meeting up FOR REAL this time?