Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So. . .whadya think?

. . . . design idea for our team shirts (since we won and all).

no. . . . the dinosaur has absolutely nothing to do with our team name. Which was Progeny of Thunder. . . . . but who doesn't like a cartoon dinosaur?

Miss you and love you all.


  1. I like it!! I'd be intimidated if I saw a team wearing these for sure.

  2. love it, I wasn't on the team, but now I wish I had been so I could wear the shirt.

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  4. i love that basketball is in parenthesis.
    now if you could just get the dinosaur to be ripping apart a basketball in his jaws of death, that'd be perfect. just kidding, he's way to friggin cute.

  5. Ummmm Kaley, obviously that dinosaur has everything to do with the name. Dinosaur? THUNDER lizard?