Sunday, July 17, 2011

NYC & Sergeant

Yesterday I made a terrarium and it became the home for our new pet, Sergeant. He lives on our coffee table. Sometimes we have to move him because the cats like to eat his food. . . and possibly him. He's pretty low key.

Also!---Cally and Josh came to visit! We had a wonderful time. Friday night consisted of drinks and Phase 10. I know, big surprise. Saturday we slept in a little then drove to the Ferry which took us into the city. We had planned to get dinner at The Frying Pan but due to crazy random setbacks plans changed. Everything ended up being fine. We ended up eating at some random cute pizza place and then we headed to Upright Citizens Brigade. The show was hilarious as always. After the show we took the subway to Times Square. Cally and I explored Forever XXI while the guys people watched outside. Eventually we headed back to Princeton and fell asleep. Sunday we went into Lambertville and New Hope, had a delicious lunch then wandered
around the cute towns.

Monday morning Josh and Cally headed to D.C. for their next leg of the trip and I headed to work. We had a wonderful time together. Moving back to Florida will be sooo exciting. Our best friends leaving was sad, but this past weekend we were reminded of how wonderful Princeton can be including the lovely people that live here with us.

With that said, this past weekend has been lovely! I hung out with our friends Katie and Kurt (Zach was at work) and then on Sunday Zach and I went to a new church and ran into friends Katrina and Johnny. Happy days.

Also, Zach has to wear a suit for work. Doesn't he look so nice! Love him.

Miss you and love you all.


  1. What exactly is Sergeant? I can't see him. :)

  2. OH, OK, now I can see him! ha ha. I couldn't tell what was in there!!! Hermmit crabs are big fun!

  3. I was wondering the same thing Nicole! Kaley - i'm jealous that the four of yall spent glorious time together. I miss you all sooo very much. And yes, moving back to Florida will be an excellent idea :) Love you!!!