Saturday, August 20, 2011

Foodie Night

Today was a wonderful day. Rae and I caught the 10am movie The Help and then headed to the Carousel for a delicious breakfast. Zach was unable to join us for foodz because he was already at work, but Kevin made it! Afterwards we headed to our separate homes. I tidied up and relaxed a bit then headed back to Princeton with the Hedges for some delicious Itialian Ice and people watching. Lovely. It was gorgeous outside. Todays weather made me get excited for the beautiful Autumn weather. I can't wait for cider and crisp air.

Anywho. . . . Hanging out with Ruth got me in the mood to can/cook yummies. I rode my bike to Whole Foods and picked up some jars then headed home and got busy. I made Dilly Beans! Or some variation of them. It was easy and fun.

After the beans I started peeling the beets. Ever since we started getting beets from out farmshare I have been wanting to make beet chips. Mainly because I never eat beets and I wanted to find some use for them. Healthy chips! They look pretty rough with the skin on but naked they look so pretty. Like rubies made out of wood. Or somesing. After they bake they get so tiny.

Once the beets were all cleaned up I started on dinner. Pizza with homemade sauce. I love homemade pizza. So cheap and so delicious.

That's it for my night of food goodness. I'm about to start reading The Hunger Games. I will be sure to let you know how that goes. I just finished the first two books of The Mark of the Lion series. I doubt I will read the third, but the first two were amazing. Francine Rivers is such a good writer. Did you know that before she became a Christian she wrote romance novels? Probably why I like her so much. Considering in middle school I was reading Sidney Sheldon and Danielle Steel books. Unless you are looking for a cheap romance novel with the same plot everytime. . .you probably should never read either of those authors. Just sayin.

Cally, Dani, Megan, Halie, Anna, and everyone else. . .please blog again. Soon? Please?

Miss you and love you all.


  1. Haha I guess I blog too much since I wasn't mentioned in your requests for more blogs, huh? :) I read the first two of the mark of the lion series too! I got about 4 chapters into the 3rd one and quit. You just can't beat the story of the first two!

  2. goodness girl you were productive yesterday!!! pizza looks awesome!

  3. wow! sounds so fun and yummy! How did the chips turn out?! I will blog soon don't worry! I have some thoughts! :)

  4. You have become such an accomplished homemaker!!! You make us very proud!!!

  5. I'm pretty impressed with your home-making skills also. You're such a cute little wife-y :) And yes, I'll be blogging again soon. Love you friend!