Monday, October 3, 2011

Shower Time


This past weekend Zach and I flew to Tampa to join in on Lindsey and Joes pre-wedding festivities. We got in Friday, napped a bit, then headed to paint some pottery for Lindsey and Joe---while enjoying some Sangria and wine---Afterwards we met Dad at the Wine Exchange and enjoyed a delicious meal and caught up a bit. Saturday we went to one shower where we met a lot of Joes (the fiance/friend/great guy) family. It was relaxing and in a great location. That evening we went to another shower thrown by nine lovely ladies at the Starkeys house. Zach and I had a wonderful time catching up with/hugging family friends that we hadn't seen since our wedding. 

The party was fantastic, complete with seafood & chicken paella made right there in the backyard. And a dessert table. Soo great. I love family. 

Sunday we watched Lindsey and Joe open a few of their presents then headed to the airport. They asked two people to step down from the flight because it was too full. So Zach and I eagerly stepped forward, accepted our $950 worth of flight vouchers, and headed home to enjoy one last unexpected night with family. We headed back to Princeton Monday morning. So now we are home and cozy and the kitties are still alive. Back to work tomorrow. 

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  1. Kaley you look beautiful in these pictures! And I love that shirt :) Miss you and love you. So so much.