Monday, October 31, 2011

Little girls are afraid of Batman

Little boys always love Batman, but without fail, every little girl under the age of 5 literally froze at the sight of Zach Batman. 

Tonight Zach and I answered the door for trick-or-treaters as batman and catwoman/a cat (depending on if Zach was with me). When I got home from work we ordered pizza and got ready for our costumed visitors. Oh man so cute. We had a lot of Mario, Luigis, Princesses, Lions, Darth Vader, and even one Ring Leader. The ring leader was my favorite. His dad gave him a mic (ya know the one from the dollar store that has a spring on the inside so it really does make your voice seem louder and and you loved it when you were younger and you still do because it's awesome). Anyways his dad gave him this mic(rophone) and was all, "What do you say?. . .What does a ring leader say to his lions." And the kid got all serious and put his mouth into the mic and says, "I don't know what you want me to say. . . . I don't want to say anything." It was really funny. Plus he was wearing a giant home (awesomely) made top hat. Then there were all the little girls that just stood in front of our door looking scared sh*tless (kid friendly?) at Batman. They obviously had no idea who this creature was, completely forgot about the candy, and quickly became aware of their short lives. Poor kids. 

But then there was this one kid right at the beginning that was like, "BATMAANNN, BATMANNN, IT'S BATMAAAANNNN!"  Which made Zachs night. 

All in all it was a pretty awesome Halloween. 

Love you and miss you all. 


  1. so awesome Kaley! sounds super fun! Kevin and Shanti were in charge of candy over here.

  2. You like getting comments. Imma leave one, ok?

  3. Hilarious! I met the little girl & her parents shortly after she encountered Zach...too funny!

  4. One - that was a funny post. I actually did laugh out loud :) And two - that was sweet of Zach to leave a random comment :) Such a cute little married couple! Love you both.