Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hold it together.

Lately I feel like everything I try to do pertaining to the world of education is a pain in the rump. Well, mainly just trying to find a Physics class that I can take in the Spring so I can apply DECEMBER 15th to University of Saint A. I think I might have finally found one but I just don't understand why everything has to be soooo incredibly complicated. Seriously. I mean I have been trying for weeks to get into or even find a Physics class. I was either not able to apply because I wasn't a "degree seeking" student or because I didn't have the EXACT math pre-reqs (I have College Algebra and Business Calc) but then today God graced me with a nice little lady in the Counseling Department at SJRSC. I broke down in her office (if you know me at all this should not come as a surprise, I tend to break down when I am frustrated/flustered/or have disappointed someone). I then said, "Sorry, you are just going to have to be ok with this *motioning to my face* because I'm just flustered and going a little crazy right now over this whole finding a Physics class thing." She just nodded her head in a sympathetic way--apparently a lot of students must do the exact same thing. Anyways, she directed me towards St. Leo University---the SJRSC campus just happens to house an office for St. Leo University so I just walked right over there. In under 5 minutes a very nice gentleman told me there was a Physics class offered online and I could take it! Badda-Bing-Badda-Boom. Now I am just waiting on the approval from Saint Augustine University--to make sure I don't take a class they don't accept. **While typing this out I got an email approving the class--woot woot!**

*Sigh of relief for now*

No matter how stressed I feel at times, the coziness of my living room seems to make everything ok. 

Yes, we even have 5 whole Christmas presents under that tree all ready! Sitting in the living room with a cup of Aveda's Comforting tea, listening to Ella Fitzgerald Christmas on the record player with the aroma of Yankee Candles White Christmas in the air is perfection. 

Pray for my continued sanity and for those lovely ladies who are writing my reference letters! 

Love you all!

Side note: Notice a lack of pictures? My camera died and it's replacement charger is on the way. Clearly I would have taken way more pictures of the coziness of my house. . .but my macbook can only do so much.

**UPDATE** Turns out that "gentleman" didn't know jack about what classes were available. The Physics class he told me I could take was only offered in Tampa. Screw you, guy. 


  1. your home is so cozzzy and school stuff can be sooo dumb.

  2. Your living room definitely looks nice. And your description of tea, records, candles and Christmas sounds so lovely.

    But I'm super sorry about all the stupid school stuff. Sounds so frustrating :(

  3. Hey Kaley,
    What are you applying to the University of St. Augustine for?
    Can you take any physics classes out of Valencia college in Orlando?
    Everything will work out!

  4. I know everything will work out! :) Just take a deep breath and be thankful there are no walkers on the loose. Love you!!

  5. so bummed about the Physics class. Can you take it online through Phoenix?

    1. I can it's just super expensive. That's my last option.