Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Busy Bee

These past few weeks have been quite crazy. Let's see, lot's of school work, multiple quizes and tests, one wedding, one baby shower, one wedding shower, one concert, two trips to Tampa. . . 

All the while I have been having a lot of fun and feeling a little overwhelmed. Note: *I will take being overwhelmed over boredom any day. 

And now here are some random pictures:

Don't worry, Jenni made it,

Ya know. . .dancing at the concert

Hyde Park Art Festival: 

Rocky Horror Show:

Charlotte and Wes get hitched! Such an amazingly sweet wedding. I love her!
All of the guests sang Amazing Grace while Charlotte walked down the aisle.

It seemed like Wes was trying so hard to wait until Charlotte was at the aisle to  look at her.

This week has been pretty low key. Made some curtains for the Youth room, Monday Night Movie Night at the McNeals, Tuesday Night DinDin with some friends, only one quiz and it was already on Monday! Oh yeah--and I voted. Did you?

Hope all is well. 


  1. I'm glad you found some time in your crazy busy life to write this lovely post :)